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  1. Your daughter's curly hair is the result of a recessive 'curly hair' gene that she inherited from you and your husband... For an organism to acquire a recessive trait from two parents with a dominant trait, the parents must both have the recessive allele for the trait. So in the punnett square below, if both you and your husband have a recessive allele, but are carriers, your daughter has a 25% chance of having 2 recessive alleles, which in this case curly hair, in turn showing the trait pardon my handwriting
  2. I once saw a diagram in my science textbook vaguely explaining how advanced genetics can inject a gene for insulin production into the 'plasmid' (not sure how it's spelled) of a bacterium, allowing it to produce insulin and produce offspring with the insulin gene. Is this real? And if so, how is it implemented in the real world and what problems could pop up with it Thanks in advance!😁
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