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I opened the door to an additional dimension.

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The gravitational force of a point mass drops off as 1/r2 . As Sean stated above, this becomes 1/r{2+N} where N is the number of extra dimensions you are adding to a theory. In layman's terms this is because there are now more dimensions for the force to operate in, so the amount of force is more "spread out" for a given distance away.


The gravitational force originates from the extra dimension ..it was already "spread out" before the test.



Doesn't matter, we already know that since the inverse-square law holds for masses we can test here (down to ~1mm) then there can't be another large dimension similar to ours holding other matter influencing us.


No, it doesn't say that.

Inverse-square is for 3D masses. 4D mass is dark matter ..it isn't influencing us except bending spacetime.


We now know what dark matter and gravitational waves are. How the speed of light can be constant in different time dilation volumes. Why gravity is weak. Why cosmic voids expand. What happens in a black hole ..and eventually, how the big bang happened.


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