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Bauhaus colour-shape corolations

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Hi Everyone

If you are asked to assign the colours red, yellow and Blue (listed in no particular order) to the shapes triangle, square and circle (listed in no particular order), then which colour do you assign to which shape?

You may at this point wish to pause reading this post while you consider your own personal answer to this question.

I personally, strongly believe that there is no "correct" answer to this question and it is purely subjective. However, the teachers at the Bauhaus believed that the following correlations are the correct correlations:

Triangle = Yellow

Square = Red

Circle = Blue

My personal answer (which I came up with before knowing the "correct" Bauhaus answer) is as follows:

Triangle = Red (sharpest shape, sharpest colour)

Circle = Yellow (like the Sun)

Square = Blue (boring shape, boring colour)

Would the fact that my answer is different to the Bauhaus answer make me a bad Bauhaus student?

Does anyone here know of any neurological,  psychological or any other scientific reasons why the Bauhaus answer is the "correct" answer?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards


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