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Genetic heredity family tree of trait/disorder/syndrome

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Greetings all:D, dont want you to solve or do my homework, im just asking to help me get insight to what im supossed to do,  my problem is that i never get any course in genetics before.

My homework task is following, i you could point me in right direction or simplify this for me i would be gratefull, im having course on my uni, but i understand only a bit of everything.

Describing the genetic trait or the syndrome that we monitor does not have to be a disease, it is important to be able to follow it.
List the literature and go through these works briefly. The point is to point out which gene / genes influence what we are monitoring and if it is possible to report related genes and / or genes that influence the expression of the gene we are tracking. Hypothetical example: hair rejuvenation is associated with light paths and spotting -> one potentially causes another (superior genes) or comes in a bundle (linked genes). It should probably also be written (if applicable) how it is inherited, recessively, dominantly, sexually, somatically, mitochondrial. It can also be that the gen only affects the chance to develop something, TIPA that the genetic predisposition to cancer is not a necessary guarantee that it will be the opposite. In essence, the tribe understands how to operate.

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