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Decellularizing Fruits with Foaming Hand Soap

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All across the internet you hear of people talking about decellularization of plants with soap being possible, but nobody seems to have tried it. anywhere.

So, with a beaker, grapes, and a solution of 100mL of soap to 400mL water I set to work and ran the experiment for 27 or so days.


1.Two grapes were each cut into four slices and laid flat in a 500mL beaker.

2. 100mL of soap and then 400mL of water were poured into the beaker and lightly stirred.

3. The grapes were photographed everyday (excepted for one or two Saturdays when I forgot).

4. The grapes were placed onto a paper towel, photographed, and left to dry.

5. All 8 grape samples were photographed one last time.


As shown in the photographs below, the grape slices went from bright green to clear with brown skin.

Also note that the grapes appeared to shrink after drying for a day.

Anyways, Science Forums won't let me post all the photos here. So, I uploaded them publicly on my google drive:


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