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  1. Whom to sell the source code of my simple Web game ??

    You could be like Linus Torvalds or Richard Stallman and release the code for free
  2. Home Double Slit Experiments

    Hello all, I created this thread so people could share their experiences with the double slit experiment. Below are the files from my attempt to recreate the experiment. Multiple apparatuses were constructed from a paper template. However, there were problems with the cutting of the slits themselves which could have affected the results (shaky hands and delicate cutting don't mix). A 55mw red laser did not produce an interference pattern, but something cool happened when a light from the shop was placed the apparatuses. Double Slit Experiment Paper Template.txt Here are more of the pictures
  3. Decellularizing Fruit

    Ok, this is my first time posting on this forum, so please tell me if I break a rule or something. ANYWAYS..... I found some videos on the internetz about decellularization, and I am interested and would like to try it. I am going to ask if anybody here has some experience with the decellularization of fruit or anything else. If so: 1. Would regular walmart hand soap or store-bought detergent work? 2. Does the ECM decompose in anyway after the removal of the cells?