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Is there a limit of the benefits a male or female is acquires with high mating and STD transmission?

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I'd say just males for this, but the female gives birth to the progeny so it applies for both. 

Male perspective: Ideally, if a male has a high rate of acquiring mates, that's a good thing. More probability of spreading his genetics around a population,

he's desirable, most fit in the selection/ competitive aspects. But what changes when a portion of the population of females (~30%) is infected with a transmissible disease that would

adversely effect the males sexual performance, such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, etc.  How would his fitness be effected, the number of females he interacts with etc.


Female perspective:  Pretty much the same question for the female, but in addition, if the female acquires a disease that will directly effect the progeny (HIV, herpes)

does that eliminate her from the evolutionary timeline in terms of ability to produce progeny, and maintain her fitness?




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