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Force to seperate magnets

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Hi, i have a question.
I need to know how much newton it takes to seperate 2 magnets or a magnet from a from a piece of metal.
I've bought a spring scale that measures max 50 gram.
Now what if i attach the scale to the magnet and i pull it horizontally just enough to seperate the magnets and the meter reads 10 gram, does it then mean it took 0.001 Newton to seperate the magnets? And i can use that to convert it into watthours to have a mechanim seperate the magnet with that amount of watthours?
Really appreciate the answers
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I think you got a point that being able to pull apart the magnetic force with mechanical force, sort of means they are the same thing. Well but we really don't know what magnetic field and electric field is. Solving it would probably make wonders. Sorry can't answer your question :D, just want to add to the comment

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