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Professor Howard Gadners Multiple Intelligences


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:confused: Has Professor Gadner put a new twist on the I.Q,S.A.T, tests by comming up with his multiple intelligence (theory, speculation, hypothosis and a new way to give I.Q.tests? Not every one can understand any kind of test. I am not avocating dumb down tests for the minorities but maybe their is another way to bring out different intelligences but one? I need your thoughts. pljames
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Well I just wonder how I would score on the Kinesiology IQ test. I am no longer young so my body can't go every which way anymore. Since he chose a dancer (Martha Graham?) as the genius in this category, I am assuming that I could demonstrate my lack of kinesioloy IQ by not contorting my body :rolleyes:


But I can dance like Elaine (Seinfeld), I wonder what that would get me.

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