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The corporations, rich, governments and world poverty

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In part, corporations, rich and governments contribute to world poverty. Let's see how. The corporations need to achieve goals. For this, there are dismissals, low wages and high profits. The rich have no obligation, but they could help the poor. Governments are permissive in the name of tax. In Paris Macron appeals to governments and corporations for the climate. They should make a meeting to reduce poverty on the planet.

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Hello emmanuelmelville and welcome.

You have posted your opinion on governments and corporations but you have not asked any questions or proposed a specific path on which the conversation should go. It's more of a rant.

Furthermore you posted it in Other Sciences which I think it is not. It's nice to back up your argument with some facts, papers, news from respectable sources (whatever that means nowadays).

When you mean poverty what places are you referring to specifically? The lower-class minimum wage employees that work for a corporation or 3'rd world countries?

I think change will come from the individual's way of thinking. Also you mention: 


Governments are permissive in the name of tax.

Actually depends. Some governments are very aggressive with their taxes towards corporations. That's why a lot of Corpos set up a branch in tax havens to escape this.

Please give a bit more details in which direction you want this topic to go to.

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