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The health implication of organic food


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I grow most all my own veg, and in the summer months it`s rare to never that I buy any from a shop. they taste far superior to mass produced tasteless but uniform veg from the shop, and cost alot less too! :)


heath benefits? that`s hard to calculate really, we`re rarely to never ill anyway, being outside in the fresh air alot has had a significant impact compared to before we used to do this, sitting in the 4 walls day in day out.


I`m not sure if that helps you at all?

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I eat a lot of organic food...but I have been doing so my entire life, so I wouldn't be of any real help to you. Of course, you might not notice any good affects right away, but I would imagine that people who eat organic, and eliminate poison from their diet should live longer. Of course it all depends upon the person.

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"Organic" diet feeds on people's fear.

They offer no real heath benefits.

I'll eat calcium fortified cereals, pasteurized milk, and genetically engineered vegetables over their "organic" counterparts any day, because they are healthier.

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