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Should I pursue a scientific education?

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Hello, I'm currently a high school student with about a year remaining of my secondary education. This of course means that I have to take considerations when it comes to choice of post secondary education. My country (Not from the US so sorry for bad English) doesn't really a liberal arts-ish education thus I kinda have to specialize from next year onward^^;;

I'm good with most subject and am fond of both science and humanities, which only makes the decision harder. 

Which brings me to this question: I'm fairly aware that this site is mildly biased but I wanted to ask if there was any reason to pursue a scientific education rather than a humanitarian one, comparisons would be great to get a broader view.

Thanks beforehand^^

P.S. I know it's fairly early in the year but considering how torn I am it's best to start early

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Hello Josef-Nam and welcome to the Science Forum.

While everyone will agree and encourage you to read, study and be passionate about science as it is in my opinion the most relevant and important field in understanding the world we live in, personally I would not encourage you to follow a career in Physics for example especially if the country you originate from is not so motivated on funding it.

Depends what specific science and what job opportunities that education offers you. But always remember you can be up to date in a particular field without necessarily working in it.

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