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Hello, I am a grad student at Kansas State University, and have been given the pleasure of taking over for the NMR director who has left. We are getting some abnormal peaks that don't seem to a product of bad shimming. We have a 400 MHz Varian, with VNMRj version 1. We have spent hours shimming, and even got the help of the NMR director from another department. The problem is that we are getting peaks to the direct right side of our solvent peaks that seem to be echoing out into the baseline. This is consistent with every solvent and sample. No amount of shimming, even with the higher order shims have an effect. We have tried to retune the probe as well. The only other thing i know to do is to switch out the probe, which is questionable.

Does anyone know what else we can do? Just a place to start, or even what to call this phenomenon would help. 

Thank you


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