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You are not teachers, why do you all presume your explanations are correct?



Thread closed again for no reason but your lack of teaching skills.


Nowhere else on the internet do I observe such arrogance as this forum....You get my worse forum vote , so you might as well ban me again for about the 30 time. You all think you know it because you explain wiki , in reality can not think for yourselves or even understand your own science.



In short not many of you know what you are actually talking about.


Bye cya next time around when I might be a teenager or a single mum or some other type sock. Ban my IP so I can just float it and return with my multiplex persona.






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Moderator Note


Thread locked - and with regards to your threats about leaving I will leave you with the words of the Lord High Protector


"Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"


Please do not open any more threads to whinge



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