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my eczema scars


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hey guys,

I had eczema for a long long time until about a year ago when it stopped getting it. I was seeing a dermatologist, but not anymore. I have these dark patches on my skin where I used to scratch a lot (thats what my doc told me they were from). Will they fade over time? Or are they permanent?

Any help would be pretty cool, just thought I'd find out :P

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they aught to fade to a silvery white after a while if they're currently reddish/purpleish but they will never truely go away. Generally, they're more noticeable on black skin as white people don't have as much of the dark pigment melanin which may cause scars to go brownish. And with white skin there's less of a contrast hence rendering them less noticeable. :)

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As Miss BS said is about right.


I also have them as I get eczema from time to time. They leave a scar but it is not noticable as it fades from the red/purple inflamation after a while. But it can take months. Aparently, Malic Adic (aka Lemon Juice) can help with it. If you drink 2ltrs of water everyday with some pure lemon juice (not the plastic stuff) diluted it can help.

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