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Noob inhaled Nox?

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Hi guys!


Since i'm no chemist i have no idea what i actually inhaled so i'm asking for your help!


I mixed solution of 30 grams sodium hydroxide,1 gram sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite in 1L water.

This is used in cleaning metals like aluminum.


So i had this solution in a glass,it has been dried up on the walls.

I dropped few drops of 10% h2so4, 0.1% glycolic and 0.1% glycerine.

It started bubbling so i thought oh its being neutralized by the hydroxide and i had a close snif.

Wow what a sharp smell it was! I immediately washed it of in the sink.


Anybody has idea what i inhaled? I hope not nox??



Any answer is appreciated!


Regards from Europe!



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