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  1. Let me tell you the connection. The connection is charge. Charges influences each other via electromagnetic pull but when they integrate with matter(mass=charge+matter), they give birth to gravitational force. That's why the expression of F and G forces are very similar because its the charge that is governing both forces. There was a reason why i was giving stress on observing. Observe the similarity of F and G. I am sure it would involve movement of matter.why? See, EM waves is just movement of charges which we transfer from one location to another for communication. Didn't you agree? Both
  2. The previous century saw the rise of every sphere of electromagnetism; sincere thanks to the works of Tesla and Faraday and of other geniuses. I believe that observing makes you a scientist not solving puzzles alone. The more you observe, the more you imagine becoming more creative. Here, we are all aware that static charge produces electric field, E and the same charge in motion generates magnetic field, B.In E and B, one thing is common i.e. charge ; it raises them.It has been scientifically proved that E and B of dynamic charge in motion are linked and they both give rise to forces. We ar
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