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  1. Im not angry, but i feel singled out, which i feel was unessacary. He created an entire new post with a quote of mine, i didn't start this conversation, he did. It was unessacary and rude to single me out like that.
  2. OKay, fine. GIVE ME A BREAK THOUGH, YOUR SINGLING ME OUT BECAUSE I RESPONDED TO A POST. Seriously, he asked how big space was, i gave him the answer i believe to be true. Im 15 for gods sake, i've not even set foot on a college yet, so just ignore me if u don't agree with me
  3. Well, m theory is what predicts the multiverse, and that is testable with the LHC. So, if the LHC can prove m theory, why cant it prove multiverse?
  4. I like to think of our universe a a membrane that exists in a higher dimension. I read a great example in a book my michio kaku, that goes like this. Imagine a 2 dimensional creature living on a sphere. He can wander around all of his life on the sphere, and never find an edge, because a sphere doesn't have an edge in 2 dimensions. but that doesn't mean that there is no limit to their universe. We may be in a similar situation, with other universal membranes floating in a " multiverse" of other universes beyond ours, all with their own isolated laws of physics and mabey even other life forms.
  5. Thanks, nice to see someone on the internet who is friendly for once. I've been reading the forums all day, this is great! I've learned loads already, i love this site! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedQuantum theory is were i have the most trouble. The randomness of it all tends to confuse me, so anything about that would be helpful. I mostly understand Einstein's work, and i know a lot about string theory, so really quantum theory would be the most helpful.
  6. I just joined the site, and my only real scientific education has been through books that i have read( still in high school, they teach me NOTHING THAT I DONT KNOW). I was hoping someone could explain a few basics to me, like what exactly integral spin is, and how it applies. Please help me!http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif
  7. I was wondering one day how life might function in other dimensions. I got to thinking about it, and i read online that life couldn't exist in 2 dimensions because it wouldn't be able to eat ( it digestive system would bisect it). I realized though, that it doesn't necessarily need to remain open all the time. In theory it could take in food, close its mouth, digest it, then create a new opening to eject waste material, similar to vacuoles moving in and out of the cell wall to take in and eject food. anyone have any ideas how life could function if other dimensions?
  8. I could be wrong but i believe i read somewhere that calculations of the expansion of the universe show that most of what we can see is still on our side of the cosmic horizon. For it to all be that far away by now, it would have to be traveling at a speed that is almost unimaginable, so I'm fairly certain that most of it is still with us. However, there could be parts of it that were never visible, if the big bang created more than just the visible universe.
  9. The real question underlying all of this is whether or not you move during time travel. Im theory, you would stay in the same place. But time travel has not yet been attained by humans, so any possible affects on your position relative to were you were in the universe before going back are a mystery. The bending of the fabric of space time during travel could leave you somewhere other than were your started from.
  10. I find it interesting that no one has considered other types of waves. It is completely possible that they communicate through radio waves produced by chemical reactions within their bodies, or possible by subtly altering the electromagnetic fields around them, assuming their planet has one. A plethora of possibilities exist, and sound may actually be primitive and brutish to any other species. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedThen again, they might have no form of communication but writing, assuming they can see. Mabey they had to develop writing before communication could take place, which would give them a much higher literacy rate than us, if nothing else.
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