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  1. awesome, thanks so much i knew it was something simple that i was missing
  2. ahh yes thanks for correcting me on that, one of the reasons not to post at 6am after a long night i guess
  3. If the man is walking at a constant speed and is not accelerateing the book the work done is 0
  4. That is the worst question I've ever seen. lol you state that "a person is pushing down on top of block 2 to hold blocks 1 and 2 at rest." and then you ask "a) Will block 1 slide down the ramp?" ..........
  5. The only way you could live would be if the Impact time was large. The Impulse J=Ft=mv shows us that if the time is greater the force of impact will be smaller. An example of this is falling onto a big cushion for example, the cushion "gives" and the time of impact is increased. Makeing you live instead of die
  6. the equation for any projectile is derived from newtons equations of motion: where distance in the x direction is given by : x=Voxt and distance in the y direction is given by y=Voyt-(1/2)gt^2. Combineing these 2 equations gives us:y=xtan(theta) - g/(2Vo^2cos^2(theta)) which isn't parabolic. This equation is on the surface of the earth but to change it to work in anywhere you just do a small change to: y=xtan(theta)- GMe/[2(r^2)(Vo^2)(cos^2(theta))] where Me is the mass of the earth, G is the gravitational Constant, r is the distance from the center of the earth and theta is the angle at which the object is fired. This equation isn't parabolic either
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