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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Thats why i ended up here, searching the web. The big bang was Always to short for me so it kept me thinking. This is my thought : There must be something that resulted in a big bang. There are some things needed. A way to harnest the energy, a place that results in actual change. I came across the prince rupert drop and that gave me the idear that a black hole could be like that. But than there has to be two different places or a change in the place. Imagine active space, there is time, distance, shapes etc and put inactive space next to it with no stable things exept the thing wich there both made of. In active space we see a Big machine, the black hole. It gathers and gathers, spit some out and moves. It harnest energie and go to other place. It gets bigger and bigger and finaly it comes to the edge of active space. It is so powerfull in its path that it easly slides over the edge(not realy edge but area of transision). Entering the unactive space. it has to change from the outside. No stable time, No stable distence, No stable shape etc will effect the outside and this changed outside will effect evry layer to the center. Its now a unstable black hole that cant react because there is active space needed for a stable reaction. The tail of that black hole is the fuse and is on the edge waiting for a push. Wen the tail gets the push it all start to collapse.and the active space in the center of the black hole is released and making new or wider active space. I am just thinking, but thoughts like this realy give me a new view. It also feels good to find a place where i can drop this.
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