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  1. Does a square have a greater moment of intertia? or a circle?
  2. genralz

    Slow Yo-Yo!

    no the yo yo does not have to come back up, just descend and i want to make it simple so that if it doesn't work than i can start with a new one. Mr. Skeptic how you recommend me to increase drag? and npts, bounce? how can I construct those within the boundaries of the rules? Since I cannot use glues or gels to alter the rope.
  3. genralz

    Slow Yo-Yo!

    yes both great points, but i want the simplest yo yo to make, simple yet slow and making it grow is a tip but it doesn't require it to.
  4. genralz

    Slow Yo-Yo!

    Hi, I have to construct a yo yo with the GREATEST amount of time to reach the location below(9.38m+/-0.025m) its starting point. Basically it has to be the slowest yo yo not exceeding 60 minutes. Basic Guidelines: *No battery or motor powered yo yo's *.5m*.5m*.5m size limitation before it descends *Total mass must be more than 0.5 kg but less than 1.0 kg full guidelines here: http://teacherweb.com/MA/WatertownHigh/Duggan/photo5.stm (under Yo-Yo Rules) Please post all ideas, thanks!
  5. genralz

    Slow Yoyo

    Hi, encipher when you wrote originally of the structure you constructed with squares and rods, was it successful? and can you give me details on the structure of it and how you built it?
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