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  1. I have always wondered this. I will try my best to explain what I mean. Why is life viewed through this body that I have? Why do I not view life through the body of someone else? Actually, why was I not someone else? My consciousness, why is it in this body? If I were to use religious terms, why is my "soul" in this body? Someone told me once that it is because of the genes that go into making me, but that doesn't answer why. If my mother had had sex with another man instead of my father, would my consciousness still be a part of that new individual? Would I be that person? Or would my consciousness cease to ever exist? Nothing has ever made any sense to me as to why I, and all of you, perceive life through the bodies we are given. I'm trying to explain my question the best way that I can, so I will clarify anything to anyone that doesn't understand what I mean.
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