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  1. Sin

    You're quite a prominent figure that's given me reasons to look into science more in-depth, and for that, i thank you. :D

  2. Alright. I had to look up a few of those words, but i believe i got the point of your statement. If i find another suggestive evolution topic similar to this i will post it in here instead of make a new topic. EDIT: iNow,thank you also. Dang, this probably the 6-8the topic you have taught me something new on, I'll definately be checking out those videos soon!
  3. I'll agree with the below user, great signature.

  4. Thank you, for the speedy and well-written response! But now i ask you, to please explain the above quote in more detail?
  5. Alright, i've been pondering about this text i have noticed on a different website. What would be your response to this statement? I really do not understand what they are trying to put out. This...just doesn't sound right, I can't put my finger on it but i find something strange about it, thus, i decided to ask it here. For a side-note: I believe he is talking about The Big Bang Theory.
  6. Sin


    I need to know some decent books/authors for the following topics: 1. Astronomy and Cosmology Phsics 2. Modern and Theoretical Physics 3. Relativity 4. And...why not, maybe one about Genetics. I would really appreciate some books, or some famous Science authors to look for. I prefer to read books than to connect various information across the internet. Make sure they are not advanced books, im new to Physics.
  7. I loved it. One other favorite quote:
  8. Sin

    End of Humanity?

    SOURCED:http://www.reason.com/news/show/127676.html Are all of these reasons probable? Which of these choices would be more of a threat? And of course, could any other threats be added to this list that could cause an end to Humanity?
  9. Sin

    Good place to start?

    I would like to discover new things. Were should i go? So far skimming threw the forum i found interest in Astrology, Biology, and a tad bit of that Nuclear studies (unsure of name). Any good resources to point out for these subjects?
  10. Would it be possible to revert it back to an acceptable level, or would the process of 'fixation' just stop anymore destruction to the Enviornment? If it could be reverted back, would Humans need to revert it or would it naturally fix over a series of many years?
  11. If someone does find this out, and does not want to give the answer bluntly, please send it to me threw a PM with a short description of how you got it. I would really be interested to know, because im trying to learn how to work these forumla type-problems.
  12. Ever since i've got interested into online Forums i somehow ended up with Sin. Maybe from my various acts, or my agreesive nature, or my Anti-God symptoms (Yes, its a real sickness people can get now-a-days!), i ended up typing Sin into the "Username" box, and ever since than I've been declared Sin on each website i go too, no matter what. Even if the name is taken, im still Sin!
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