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  1. Not sure I would trust any mesh. When I was young a weasel once chewed its way through our screen door. Our cats were delighted, and ganged up on him. I realize a weasel is a bigger badder version of a stoat, but I'd really want something stronger. I'm looking at these two now: https://www.wayfair.com/pet/pdp/tucker-murphy-pet-heavy-duty-45-wheels-pet-crate-w000666481.html https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/tucker-murphy-pet-vintage-pet-crate386x244x28h-w009980763.html I'm liking the first one, because it is all metal (gnaw-proof), looks strong enough to defeat coyotes, doubt a rabbit could rattle it all night, and it's already on rollers. I don't see a stoat or even a snake squeezing through them slit holes, but tell me what you think. The second one I'd have to build a base on rollers, and it appears to be made of treated poplar, that may not be okay (depends on which rabbit site you consult). No idea how young breeders sell rabbits, but it will stay inside day and night until a couple months after the vet neuters it. Anyway it will not be a baby, and gradually transitioned to nights outside. I should also correct a mistake on my original post...I'm moving to Riverbank, not Riverside...guess that was wishful thinking.
  2. I am looking into getting a pet rabbit which will stay outside at night, and inside during the day. I'm looking at these models for the outside 'hutch': https://www.chewy.com/frisco-ultimate-heavy-duty-steel/dp/168128? https://www.chewy.com/frisco-ultimate-heavy-duty-steel/dp/168127 https://www.wayfair.com/pet/pdp/tucker-murphy-pet-kace-tucker-murphy-pet-heavy-duty-stainless-steel-dog-cage-kennel-playpen-for-training-large-dog-with-double-doors-locks-design-pet-crate-w004819552.html?piid=863101496 I recently discovered that stoats are found in Riverside (California), and need to know if the bars on these models are close enough together that a stoat cannot squeeze between them. Thanks.
  3. I had always thought that blue cheeses made with Penicillium roqueforti, Penicillium camemberti, and Penicillium glaucum had at least some antibiotic effect, but Google searches say otherwise: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022030254913880 My question is are there any cheeses that do have antibiotic activity?
  4. Indeed I am not quite so new that I would confuse a HDD with a SSD, although I have no idea what a NVMe is ,nor have much interest in finding out, as I stick with old tech. Yes, i think that would overtax the exhaust capability of my window fan. Possibly a propane torch applied outside? I have no idea just how much applying would be needed to sufficiently wipe data off a metal platter beyond forensic recovery....which leads back to the point of this post. No, the previous post was to determine if acid was a viable means to render a platter null and void for forensic recovery. Since I'm not inclined to fool with nitric acid, this method is shelved. The current post is to therefore to determine to what extent must a platter be vandalized to render its data unrecoverable, and secondly, will any of the methods I listed do the job? Probably this post should of been the first post you indicated, which was too limited in scope.
  5. Most sites advise drilling a few holes in it to thwart privacy invasion, so I'm assuming it does not take much. What about an electric engraver, woodburning pen, soldering iron or bolt cutters...would either of these be an effective method to use on a bare platter?
  6. Looks like nitric acid is required to eliminate the film that holds the data: https://www.harddriverecovery.org/hard-drive/repair/destroying-hard-drives-101-the-acid-test/
  7. According to Google, the hard drive platter used in desktops is made of aluminum. Will either of these products effectively destroy the platter beyond forensic recovery: ARMOUR-Glass Etching Cream Ferric-Chloride-Etchant solution Both sold at various art supply stores, Amazon, and so on. The former for etching glass and latter one for metal. Anyone like to venture a guess as to whether either would destroy a Western Digital hard drive platter?
  8. Using a laptop, resources are a problem. My main grip with both IE and Firefox is that both continue to make it more and more difficult to configure out all the useless junk and backdoors for corporate adware, malware, etc. To use IE, I would have to go with versions 5, 6, or 7. To use Firefox, version 12 or prior. To use these versions requires a major overhaul (rip out the Java, Flash, and so on), then you have to run with limited rights via Sandboxie. To use recent versions of either, you have to accept that the developers know what's best for you, accept DOM crap, browsers calling home, and all that rot.
  9. My "original" 'Ghost In The Machine' citation is the one mentioned in the article: Download the paper here: Ghost in the Machine and has nothing to do with Gilbert Ryle nor "mind body duality". It is offtopic only if you insist on turning my citation into your citation.
  10. I happened to stumble upon this article: http://astronasty.blogspot.com/2011/10/neil-degrasse-tyson-and-vic-tandy-on.html which in turn took me to the original 'Ghost In The Machine' citation. I am intrigued and wish to delve into this further. From preliminary research, I assume a signal generator is required? Can anyone list the minimum equipment necessary to conduct experiments? Thanks!
  11. I was thinking I would just go through the various HOSTS lists (MVPS is one of many), add anything even remotely connected to Microsoft, and that should sever contact with updates, WGA, and anything else. Since I will only be using XP Pro, and its now EOS/EOL, its not like Microsoft has anything to offer. Unless you know the specific URLs to block, or some other way to stop the re-download of index.dat from the internet? I'm aware of CCleaner, and many other similar apps, but my preferred response to any thorn in the foot is to eliminate it entirely. Only if Ifail to find a permanent solution do I settle for second best, and I am now hopeful the index.dat can be nuked without XP imploding into a black hole! If IE does not survive fiveworlds' operation, that's an acceptable loss. Neither IE nor Firefox ever impressed me, so one or both are expendable if necessary.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I already know of various software to uncloak the hidden files, but was not aware that "windows will re-download the file from the internet if SFC fails to find it." Know how to stop it? Maybe blockade via Hosts File?
  13. Thanks for your answer. I think if worst goes to worst I can live without IE...was just concerned about messing up XP Pro!
  14. These two questions are directed to any experts in XP Pro. If I was to find a way to totally eliminate the 'index.dat files', and prevent 'Windows File Protection' from recreating it, would XP Pro survive without the index.dat? If so, what sort of ramifications could I expect from nuking the index.dat files (other than not having to delete their contents periodically)?
  15. Can motherboards, graphic cards, CPUs, etc., be stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags? If so, would this extend the shelf life to any degree?
  16. I'm doing a legacy build using either Phenom X4 9850 (95w) or 9750 (95w), with one of these boards: GA-MA770-UD3 GA-MA770-DS3P GA-MA790X-UD4 GA-MA790X-UD4P GA-MA790FX-DS5 GA-MA790FX-UD5P So I'm looking over the specs on the Gigabyte site, and each time I see something cryptic, for example, the specs for GA-MA770-DS3P says "Whether 1066MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used." Question is how do I determine whether or not this board will run 1066MHz with either CPU chosen? I've looked at the specs for the board & compared it to the specs of both CPUs, and everything looks fine. I've looked over the memory support list for this board, and everything looks fine. So why do I get the feeling that I'm missing something? Disclaimers don't appear if there is nothing to disclaim, so I'm worried! Can anyone here explain to this hardware newbie just how to determine if either of these CPUs will support the the fastest memory of each motherboard?
  17. Thanks for the info! I'll no longer worry that the air cleaners will do more harm than good.
  18. Do electrostatic air cleaners or negative ion generators pose any threat to home PC? I've heard one must use antistatic mat, wristbands, etc., when opening a PC case (which I never intend to do), but I will be using 'mobile-racks' to switch hard disc drives, and 'docking station' for HDD backups. Are the aforementioned air purifiers any threat?
  19. My transit tickets have a magnetic strip, and are regularly getting demagnetized. I've eliminated every magnet I can find, but despite my best efforts, I cannot track down the source....so have to assume its coming from outside the house. I'm looking for any cheap/commonly available material to make a ticket holder that will protect my tickets. I'm already aware of the expensive stuff (like metal alloys). Any ideas?
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