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  1. Hey, I just came across this technology that involves a biotin-based biological binding method with increased enzyme resistance for in vivo targeting and more. I thought this was pretty awesome because it can provide non-radioactive targeting (for specific compounds). Does anyone know if that would be possible with this technique? Or maybe it's better suited to something else? You can see the details here: http://marblar.com/challenge/biotin
  2. Hey guys, I came across this method to detect death in cells in vitro. It is a very fast and sensitive test. You can check it out in detail through the link: http://marblar.com/challenge/cell-death-detector I was curious, why is this useful? Who wants to detect dead cells?!
  3. Yeah I needed to be more specific - identifying DNA through DNA hybridisation. Yes there are a huge number of LOC devices, could you see any advantage to adding this mixer to a LOC? or anywhere else? A bit of background research and I've found that slow diffusion kinetics is apparently a problem in bioassay, so if it's possible to mix the regent and sample efficiently beforehand using this device then it could lead to faster detection (as there is a faster reaction).
  4. Hey, I just came across this idea that sounds really cool in theory, but I'm wondering if anyone out knows if it's actually technically possible: Lab-on-a-chip detectors http://marblar.com/challenge/Micro-mixer/idea/1237 So the analyte is passively mixed by a tiny microfluidic mixer which is then passed onto the chip that detects DNA.This apparently would be a much faster process than the current system. However, I have doubts that this is necessary because they are already doing this without the mixing device. What do you guys think?
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