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  1. No, I'm not talking about AIs, I'm talking about the use of mathematics in the realm of Psychology, to increase its credibility, and to be used to predict human behaviour and actions with 100% accuracy.
  2. Does any experts here think that it is possible (it should be) to write a set of algorithms to sequence human behaviour? As founder of Behaviourism, J.B Watson, seems to think that human behaviour can be quite mechanical. As the quote goes: "Give me a baby, and I can make him into any man you want." The experiment on ethnicities and race concerning mentality was not carried out, he died : ( I'm sure we all know that the credibility of Psychology and its brothers, can be improved a lot more, as currently, it is entirely based on probability and likelihood (increases as the number of legitimate studies correlates), however, it is not as credible as other sciences. I currently finished year 11, so there's nothing I can do to improve the science until I reach university.
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