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  1. Hello, I just happened upon this forum, and I have to say it seems pretty amazing all the topics it covers, I wish I had found it sooner! I already know this will become a useful resource for me. Unfortunately, I already must ask for the help and time of any forum members willing to offer it, and this thread will probably seem pretty trivial in comparison to how technical this forum is. I must conduct a short Q&A for a class assignment of someone within the field of my chosen career, aerospace engineering. They are simple questions about what you like the most about this career, what a typical day on the job is, etc. If anyone within this field can spare just a couple of minutes to answer questions about this career, I would greatly appreciate it! 1. Any background you would be willing to provide to prove I didn't just make a person up to question: A name to call you by (worded this way intentionally), job title, company, and what is your prior education and work experience? 2. Describe a typical day for you in this career. 3. What do you enjoy the most/find the most interesting about this career? 4. What is the least enjoyable aspect of this career? 5. What skills/knowledge are most often used in a typical day within this career? 6. Why did you decide on this particular career and employer, and are your expectations for it based on this satisfied now? 7. Are there any educational/work decisions you would change, or additional steps you would have taken towards your career path now? 8. Is there any advice you would give to someone considering a career in aerospace engineering, including additional education, preparation, or natural skills that you would deem necessary? 9. What would you suggest for succeeding within this career's job market? What did your employer seem to value the most? 10. What would you suggest for successful networking (should I attend seminars, etc.) if networking is important and applicable in this career? Of course, if you would rather PM the answers or prefer to omit answers, I'd understand and won't complain! If no one can or wants to answer, I would also completely understand, and would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read this post anyway. Thank You! Arthur
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