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  1. Im not sure which pyramid you are referring to as the Kings Chamber is in the Great Pyramid and according to what I have read, this would be the Eastern pyramid (Smyth, 1880). According to The Egyptian History Treating of the Pyramids, Written Originally in the Arabic Tongue by Murtardi the son of Gaphiphus, translated 1672: It is possible this is misinformation to discourage further investigation or there is another entrance on the Southside. The ankh presents the water of Life (the tear of the Eye of Horus), and the Emerald Tablet was written by Hermes, the messenger of the gods and he was Greek not Egyptian. The Emerald Tablet appears to have been written at a later date but it does look like it traveled around the world.
  2. The problem is that science and religion are woven into each other. Physical cause and effects have some sort of religious explanation along with cultural bias. The Greeks may have come up with the concept of elements either from the Egyptians or they learned the secret from the Egyptians and developed the concept on their own. There does seem to be some communication across the borders in their trade routes and this could have been the founding of the Ancient Order of Masons. Similar concepts can be found in Israel although expressed differently. Here we have the symbolic expression for water as an inverted equilateral triangle with the apex pointing down, probably because rain falls down. And the symbol for fire, a normal equilateral triangle with the apex pointing up, because flames go up. If you superimpose the symbol for water on top of the symbol for fire, what do you get? The term water has to be understood within the context in which it was written. From the above fire water it cant be determined if the element of water was contained within the substance or if the fire was the cause of the water. If the symbol for water in the PT is the moon this would point to a form of spiritual water which is not to be confused with the symbol water ripple which would indicate sea water, pond water, etc. The spiritual water is an entopic phenomenon and can be associated with palinopsia. I think it is possible that different countries and cultures didnt want to be under Egyptian rule or anybody elses, so they developed their own explanations to establish their independence but the underlying cause and effect appears to be the same. The Dome of the Rock has the same meaning as the pyramids of Egypt. The sun god Re is not only the god of the physical world but that of the underworld. Putting the underworld on the side for now, Eye of Horus is the same as the Eye of Re/Ra. From which the spiritual water flows which is represented by the tear. A lot of written information may have been lost in the destruction of the library of Alexandria or looted in various invasions. It does seem that the basics were passed along in oral tradition. We find similar concepts in the Emerald Tablet. The father of it is the sun, the mother the moon. The wind bore it in the womb. Its nurse is the earth, the mother of all perfection.
  3. I am not an Egyptologist and Im not talking about rainbows either. Im merely making a connection between the descriptions in the literature and migraine auras which can have the appearances of a rainbow or a rainbow of colors. I suggest you look up images of migraine aura. Various visual phenomena can be easily induced and was not out of reach of ancient Egyptian technology. Again, the word water needs to be understood within the context in which it is written. There are many things called water. Substances melt because of an ancient concept called the element of water. If I put a piece of sulfur in a crucible and heat it, it will melt. Why? Because of ancient concepts, it contains water. Everything melts because it contains the element of water. There is also water of the Nile, sea water, well water, rain water, water of mirages, water from the Eye of Horus, and maybe some others. The tear of the Eye of Horus may be connected to the rainbow. If it is, then this is why it would be called water because it could induce a migraine aura with a rainbow of colors. Rainbows are caused by water. So what does the pyramid represent? I suspect this is how to square a circle.
  4. I disagree with you. Its a place where there isnt any trouble. Its far far away. Behind the moon. Beyond the rain. Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true There is no place as the Land of Rainbows in this physical universe which is why people have always had trouble finding an actual location. It simply doesnt exist or at least not in this universe. What the ancient Egyptians and other cultures, were describing are visual hallucinations ranging from simple migraine auras to more complex seizures and some deep NDE experiences while awake. These experiences are described with a lot of creative graphics and in later times, even more creative symbols and writing. I think you have your apples and bananas mixed up in the sense that you assume that every inscription, symbol, and hieroglyphic has some physical counterpart. Some may have and others may not. It is possible that water has sprung up in the desert as a result of an artesian spring, geyser, or flooding, and it is also possible that it was a mirage, or a mirage coupled with a hallucination. It is also possible that the water they speak of means the Water of Life. The terms need to be understood within the context they were written. I also disagree with your interpretation of the ox. What you havent shown is an adequate explanation of how or why the builders chose this particular design and what it represents. Someday I'll wish upon a star. . .
  5. A good place to start is by defining what is exactly meant by the Land of Rainbows. I suspect it may be somewhere over the rainbow.
  6. There is a common denominator for these beliefs. They are all based on observation of various entoptic and other visual neurological phenomenon. The potter’s wheel is the “tear drop of Re” is the bindu, is the Adrop, is the six pointed star, is the Eye of God, etc. You made need to make another thread for this. J.E.T.
  7. I don't think there is any question that there are many lies, distortions of truth, and fabrications much of which was created to satisfy various agendas. If you feel that they are all LIARS, then this is the end of the pursuit Period. If I were a leader of a religious group, people would expect me to have all the answers. I can't say "I don't know". The best answer would be that it was God's will because no one would question God. If it is a lie, who cares? Nobody will figure it out anyway. One the other hand, if you think there may be something behind these neurotheology issues and wish to find out the meaning of how God created man in his own image (or is that the other way around?) and the meaning of various symbolisms used in different cultures, you might get a better idea of what God meant to ancient cultures
  8. You are correct, I said that and it wasn't part of your statement. If you don’t look for something you can't find it. Do you think Moses was on LSD? How did Moses see a burning bush? A good possible explanation is that Moses was having a seizure. If Moses had a seizure while watching a fire, and then went out into the desert and had another seizure, it is very possible that the visual memory of the fire during the first seizure is overlaid upon the visual field during the second seizure, which then to the observer who is having such a seizure it would appear that a bush is on fire, which in effect ‘never happened’. Many possible combinations can occur. This would appear to be the explanation of why the ancient Egyptians had heads of animals on the bodies of people or faces of people on bodies of animals. Which is the meaning of “Erregungsfang”. G-spot can have different meanings. If you look at a church spire with a “+” on top you can figure out why X marks the spot formed by G(od)
  9. I don't think you were misquoted, only that the post was understood in a different context. There is no such thing a a horse with a horn on its head. There never was. The unicorn is one of the billfishes and the bill/snout/beak was used as a medicine. In dayes of olde when knights were bold and even before that, medicine was a trade secret. In order to protect their secrets they made up stories so nobody would understand what they were doing and sent everybody on a wild unicorn chase. And such appears with religion. Item2: Moses didn't have access to any high tech equipment to induce any effects of spirituality so his experiences were either due to hallucinations from some type of epilepsy which was part of his nature or induced. Many of these stories could have been made up to satisfy the curiosity of the general public. We have a concept called God which was an adequate explanation years ago. Science now has figued out that things didn't happen that way. The job is to find scientific explanations for the cause and effect relationships found in various religious beliefs and not go unicorn bashing. What people believe and what are the actual facts are two different things.
  10. "Science can't show you unicorns because science never looked for one." You should be able to figure out what is a unicorn from the following description of a unicorn's horn: "The Unicorns horn is sometimes eight foot and more in length, others of a smaller size; they are very sharp pointed, running taper all along, and twisted of the colour of Ivory, and very white within, they are not of a four leg'd Creature, like to a horse, but come from a Fish, and therefore a Sea-Unicorn; they are brought from the Straits Davids, near the North Passage." - Berlu, John Jacob, The treasury of drugs unlock'd, or, A full and true description of all sorts of drugs and chymical preparations sold by druggists ...., 1690. Do you still think you need LSD? "Google "god spot" research is being done to "show" you god" Did Moses have one of these God Helmets or did his wife explain to him the meaning of G Spot?
  11. There is such a “star” that shines brightly but it is not found in the sky. The Star (halo) of yellow light is found between your ears. It is called the Eye of Horus, Eye of the World, Eye of Providence, and is the Monstrance of the Catholic Church, among other things and is formed by the six pointed Star which is made by the triangular stone not only because of its triplicity, aka the Trinity (Mercury, Silver and Gold) but it is also called that because a triangle is likely to appear first and has to be repeated seven times before the birth of Christ (B.C.) in susceptible individuals
  12. First one has to determine the source of the "radiation". The simplest thing to do would be to turn the power off at the fuse box/main breaker or pull the electric meter and see if the effects are still there. If there still is high EMF present, then one looks for other explanations.
  13. Let's say that since no one is born bad, that the original psychological state is passive, so it should be "A" and does not create problems. However if "A" is threatened, then "B" kicks in. Because... "B" is the self-defense mechanism (and trouble-maker) for the preservation of "A". Therefore... A + B = U Under these conditions, how could you only punish "B" because it is a part of "U"?
  14. Hallucinations! Or… 1. There is some other sensory mechanism. 2. It is self observing memory of self creating a composite experience creating the illusion that it is an OBE. There also reports of children that remember past lives which supports the reincarnation idea. In my opinion, NDEs, current life memory, memories of past lives, ghosts, etc., are just part of similar conscious phenomena involving memory.
  15. If you want God in a bottle it isn’t going to happen anymore than you could put love, hate, or your memory in a bottle and study it. It is observable under certain conditions like those of an NDE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_death_experience Many people have observed this Light at the end of the tunnel which they perceive as “God” or some Creator/Supreme Being, etc. Then: 1. All persons having this experience are accurately (considering the conditions) relating their observations. 2. What everyone observes under these conditions is actually a hallucination and doesn’t exist. In other words, some common condition underlies the phenomenon and presents itself when appropriately triggered. 3. They are all liars. If #1 is true, it doesn’t necessarily hold that this Supreme Being has any influence over things other than your own consciousness. However… There are some aspects of NDEs and related phenomenon, like sounds, which are also part of hallucinatory phenomena, so I used the term loosely. Auditory hallucinations are not NDEs but such hallucinations may be part of a NDE and may be more of a complex phenomenon. In addition one may also encounter various spiritual entities who explain that this Light aka Supreme Being/God/Creator is the beginning and end of all things, so this is where the information comes from. If you could prove the whole thing to be false and strip the entire world of all mention of God, the problem is the phenomenon will resurrect itself and then you will be faced with the same situation just at a later date.
  16. I don't understand the question. What "object" is not created in the universe?
  17. Before you can examine God in a test tube you will have to gather sufficient information on God to formulate a hypothesis which can be tested. The origin of a supreme deity or a set of deities appears to be related to some ‘hallucinatory phenomenon' (term used loosely) similar to NDEs but include some cultural bias. Same deity, different perception. The ‘hallucinatory phenomenon appears to be related to migraine auras (which can be induced) but also appears to be effected by the earth (position/telluric/ULF currents?) which may explain the facing east. The ‘hallucination itself is just an enhanced visualization of some subconscious and/or unconscious information, but since it is there and can be sensed it going to be difficult to convince anyone otherwise.
  18. True, but you have to understand that some people are “true believers” whose purpose is to “spread the word” which is what the grand master is trying to do. The phenomenon is quite well known but is not understood by many people. The claimed use of some thermographic analyzer is misleading. The only scientific instrument used was an analytical balance. The original story is this: Some white powder (now called the “white powder of gold”) was collected from the carbons and splatter shield of an older type emission spectrograph which was used for detection of elements in “ghost gold”. This white powder was weighed and then heated. When the sample was hot it was weighed again and it was determined that the powder “lost weight”. After the hot sample was removed from the balance pan, they also observed that some of this magic ormus had been transferred to the balance pan causing it to levitate also. This led Hudson and his incompetent chemist to conclude that they were dealing with a superconductor and a monopole because the weight loss was attributed to repulsion of the earth’s magnetic field. From this experiment they then came to the conclusion that the building blocks of the Great Pyramid were levitated into place using this “white powder of gold”. It didn’t take much after that to also conclude that they were now dealing with anti-gravity and ancient spaceships. The explanation is that when a sample is weighed it must be at the ambient temperature of the balance. A sample that is warmer than then balance will cause lift on the pan due to convection currents and will appear to have “lost weight” and levitate. Samples colder than the balance pan (whether or not they were cooled in an inert atmosphere) will appear to “gain weight” because the surrounding air is denser. Some people sure can jump to a lot of conclusions from “weighing error”.
  19. I was wondering how the ancient Egyptians could have figured this out thousands of years ago without a TGA analyzor. Wouldn't it be possible just to heat or cool the white powder of gold and show the gain or loss of weight? If the white powder of gold looses weight when heated it should require further investigations to determine why the material levitates.
  20. I thought it was claimed that one of the amazing properties of Mfkzt aka "white powder of gold" was its ability to loose weight when heated.
  21. Is the shark a shark, or the whale a whale? Why would the Nazca have familiarity with this? Somebody put labels on these figures which may not be correct. Is the tree actually a tree, or perhaps a sagittal section of the cerebellum? Is that really a figure of an astronaut or does it merely represent ‘man’? Or is it some sort of ‘spirit’? Is there a different way of looking at this problem? Somebody also put on the label “Ingenio Valley”, maybe the Spanish explorers. The word “ingenio” might be derived from the Latin, ingeniosus = clever, or ingenium = genius. Somebody may have recognized the project as clever or representative of the genius of man. The animals may just be a symbol of some aspect of man’s mental function and the ability to carry out the purpose, or how they related it. For example, the ‘parrot’ may represent speech/language or the ability to repeat. Is the spider the predator or the prey? Does it represent some web of duplicity where the innocence is entrapped? It’s hard to know what exactly was on their minds when they made these geoglyphs. Some may have more simple explanations (or at least to me). The ‘monkey’ may represent a learning process (monkey see, monkey do). In order for a monkey to repeat an action it will first be necessary to observe it. Then that action needs to be stored in memory and then recalled in order to repeat it. This may be represented in the spiral of the monkey’s tail (which is similar to the infamous NDE tunnel) which appears to be also the memory storage area. The memory itself is represented by a series of lines (frames?) to the left of the monkey’s hands. These older societies didn’t have a lot of technological annoyances to deal with, so they had more time to ponder the origin of their existence and nature. The Nazca lines may just represent their findings of their explorations and ponderings. Just like the Egyptians represented their findings by building the pyramids and other civilizations did with their various temples and structures.
  22. I don’t think belief in anything is a prerequisite for any experiences, but one’s personal beliefs and cultural bias may effect the interpretation. Actually there may not be any such thing as a ‘clean experience’ in this realm of inner space (The real final frontier?). Spiral structures and other geometric forms are quite common in this other realm but may have been expressed differently in various cultures. One can describe a spiral as a mere geometric form, a tunnel, a cornucopia, a cave, or a ram’s horn, etc., depending on how it is viewed, its contents interpreted, and how it is symbolically or literally expressed. I was merely providing some ‘educated guessing’ and an alternative explanation based on limited reading along with some personal experiences which provided a different interpretation of the Nazca lines.
  23. I can provide another “unreasonable” explanation for the Nazca lines. These lines represent a road map of the human ‘soul’ (or mind if you don’t like the word: ‘soul’). One feature that stands out is the spirals found in the Nazca lines which one can also be found in Paolo Uccello’s “St. George and the Dragon” in the upper right: http://www.paolouccello.org/ which also has some similarity to the NDE tunnel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_death_experience Another feature is the Nazca “flower” which could also be similar to Robert’s Fludd’s “Mundus Intellectualis” or “Deus” in his Collectio Operum, and may be also represented in the “rose window” of cathedrals. This might be something more than ‘ just another art project’
  24. phantom

    ghost theory

    Agreed. The first problem is, what is the visual stimulus? I highly suspect this may be related to the phenomenon of “glory”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_(optical_phenomenon) And I also further suspect that different colored optical patterns may trigger recall of some partial memories which then the mind creates a composite image which appears to be real. I don’t know if any research has been done in this area. So what I’m trying to say, is that an image of a pink unicorn is stored in the mind in some form of ‘visual storage’ and by triggering the pattern of how it is stored may trigger the visualization of a pink unicorn. If one does not know what a pink unicorn looks like, then one will see nothing, because there is no memory of a pink unicorn regardless of the optical/visual trigger.
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