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  1. what actually is a time, is a confusing question. i have got a real funny answer for it. can we explain time as distance between two point relative to observer with velocity c in the universe?? as i am a amature, this is a vague idea to think of(no scientific ideas or thoeries to support my idea). what actually is a time??
  2. universe seems expanding, scientist say. is it happening in quantum level or only stars n planets n heavenly bodies r separating?? if it is happening in quantum level then all the particles like molecules, atoms, nucleus, protons, quarks.... r separating resulting in uniform expansion on EVERYTHING. so does it really effects the size of universe??
  3. some scientist , during LHC experiment said that if we try to move the proton with the speed of light, it would be so heavy that it wouldnot reach the speed. is it possible?? if it was why does light exist??
  4. i think my friend interpreted the phrase 'bend in time' in a wrong way. it doesnot mean that physical bending is seen. neither time can bend space, time is like y-axis n space's like x-axis, called fabric of spacetime. in the process we find the gradient of time when its spining, n when it stops its all same again.the velocity of rotation changes if it convert it repective to time.
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