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  1. I am putting forward the idea of The fifth dimension. I see it as the change an object exhibits and importantly the planes they move into when forces internal or external (or no force at all) are applied. Some examples 1) Evolution causes an object to move in the fifth dimension 2) The forces acting on a planet cause it to move in the fifth dimension 3) Getting hooked on crack causes one to move in the fifth dimension These objects exhibit characteristics relative to their place in the fifth dimension. Taking the last example the crack addict could wind up as a hopeless bum if he hadn't taken crack in the first place he could've been wealthy which is why I call the fifth dimension "The Jesus Dimension" Just in the same way we can move in the three dimensions we can also move in the fourth but it takes intelligence as you can still walk in the other three dimensions and fall into a pit.
  2. Leap years are needed so that the calendar is in alignment with the earth's motion around the sun. why not just recalibrate with daylight savings?
  3. No, I think it is because the mathematical representation of the brain and how it functions is not known and therefore cannot be re-created by computers.
  4. So in this case what I am going to do is take 5,000,000,000 years and add the current date which is another 2005 years to it and call it a new name and say that is the date/time. Any objections or ideas on making this more precise or acceptable.
  5. That is a good thing. Heat has to do with efficientcy. Higher efficientcy PSU like the Antrc Phantom 5 produce less heat, make better use of electricity. Most of the heat comes from the approx 6 MOSFETs in the PSU.
  6. yep, I was thinking about artificial limbs. A little sci-fi today but its got me thinking. 1) Inject micro-chip in (diabetics) designed to monitor bloodstream, this interfaces with rf scanner to give diabetics info. (to replace pricker). An article was written about something similar. http://www.ananova.com/business/story/sm_591643.html Do not know it its true though. 2) Bio-connection Their are people who have to inject themselves with needles I know when I was a children I hated needles so imagine the hell some of those kids go through all the time. Now if we could invent some kind of bio-connection, If you have watched sci-fi movies people have imagined plugging themseleves into computers via a connection on their skin. I think the movies was Fortress (furture jail movie) So instead of a ex. diabetic having to injecting themselves all the time. They connect to the bio-coonector and put insulin into where ever it needs to go. Some things to take into account infection control. fusing cells with other materials. http://www.keepmedia.com/pubs/PCMagazine/2001/08/01/433873?extID=10026
  7. is it possble to fuse skin to non-biological materials such as steel or plastic, sounds crazy but imagine like a patched quilt. Where the quilt is human skin and the patch is made of steel. Their is no skin underneath the steel patch. hard to explain...
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    Hi, I am writing a little software program that displays time on the basis that a earth year is a measure of the earth making 1 revolution around the sun. In contrast to "In the year of our Lord 2004" or in contrast to another culture ideal of time. The question is what year is it? or how manyrevolutions has the earth made around the sun?
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