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  1. I Know your assuming his definition of "god" is the "universe" but you should not encourage this idea it is a slippery slope. This probably would not have bothered me if you defined god as anything else but “the universe”, or perhaps used any other definition that wasn’t already taken. It does bother me when people hijack definitions that are already scientifically established to describe what we can see and understand as facts. When you grossly distort the meanings of words you make it impossible for us to translate your ideas into logical and meaningful sense. You can have your cake and eat it too, but you have to call it “cake” and not “god”.
  2. @needimprovement Ok in that case, what created that god? or how did that god come from nothing? How do you know that god is even a god? dose that god even have the ability to choose what it dose? whats is its purpose for coming into existence or existing at all? And what evidance do you have to support your claim?
  3. What is the purpose for the wave to collapse (other then to get a generalized measurement), is there a reason that it doesn't stay in one form or the other?
  4. OK I think I get it now, the wave only collapses when we measure it to give us a position to measure. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to measure the position if it were a wave. Although the position can only be measured to with in a given allowance for error because it is waving and not a stationary position. correct?
  5. In quantum wave particle duality what is need to make the wave turn to a particle. I understand that observation alone will turn the wave to a particle but what is the magnesium in observation that makes it turn. Is it just the fact that another particle is present or what?
  6. So dark matter and energy are a byproduct of the entropy fluctuations ?
  7. found part of my answer . So if this is possible that dark matter can interact with dark energy, then it helps a theory I have been pondering. If dark matter has an effect on dark energy, then it might be possible that dark energy could be contained my dark matter if it were densely compacted. If this is possible, it brings a curios idea to mind. What if we had at the time before the big bang a state where dark matter was containing dark energy and all energy for that matter in a sphere or field that was tightly compacted. This sphere could then expand and contract Dark matter but would be sable enough to contain the energy. Although as we would find out it could not contain it forever (big bang) which was good for us, sort of. The reasons I would imagine it blew apart would be because there could have been an imbalance between the dark matter and energy. Maybe the amount of energy increased drastically or slowly over time where it would have expanded the sphere to its breaking point. Or maybe the amount of dark matter decreased/decade enough to loose its hold over the dark energy. Well its just a half assed theory but i thought I would throw it out there and see if it gets picked apart.
  8. Dose dark matter interact with dark energy? If so Can dark matter slow or contain dark energy?
  9. Here is his Video form TED it is a little more detailed. As far as i am concerned he and his team have created life for scratch and that is an enormous breakthrough. As far as them implanting the new DNA in to an existing cell it dose not matter its a mute point we can make cells form scratch too it is just simpler and cheaper to use a already existing cell. We are on the verge of a completely new era where people are going to have to deal with theses contradictory philosophical dogmas, if not they well be left behind with the people that still can't except evolution.
  10. I am not sure if the author who wrote That sentence was thinking clearly enough. We are all descendants of primitive animals and long distance cousins to vegetables that were formed form minerals. Some where in the evolutionary chain we evolved a larger brain as previously stated and formed universal languages that we could understand, depending on our origin of birth. In some remote tribes of the amazon they use whistles and make noises to communicate precisely with one another while they hunt so that don't draw attention to themselves. But when they are in their camps they use a formal language to communicate to one another. Birds, chimps, dolphins, whales, etc. All have some form of universal language that they use to communicate to one another,hence they have intelligence. My point is All of theses creatures can think and have thoughts they don't need to be as intelligent as us to have the ability to preform theses actions. I fell that the author has an ego problem with human intelligence and or he truly beliefs Homo sapiens are the only being that have thoughts and can think for themselves.
  11. well there are quite a few holes in the story but my assumption is that the man forgot to turn off the stove or the flame went out and he didn't notice when he was making dinner and the gas leaked out all night. He had turned off everything else the night before but not the stove witch he used to make dinner. I assume He works a 9-5 or or 6-3 job and dose not have too much time in the morning to make a complicated breakfast, so he made cereal or a bagel (Not toasted). And assuming again the man has a preexisting condition where he can't smell mercaptan, the key ingredient in gases that gives it its distinct rotten egg smell. With that in mind the man eats his breakfast or not the story dose not say then proceeds to turn the radio. when he turns on the radio electricity is sent to the electronic components inside the radio creating friction when the dial is turned and making a small spark that kills the man by blowing up his house that was full of natural gas with him in it, assuming he even has a gas stove.
  12. I would go with the answer that almost never fails "Random Chance" With a side of selective variables. Random chance Gives way to the possibility that your DNA is manufactured in such a way that makes you, you. You are you though a series of factors that are determined by your ancestors. Your society and the way you perceive the world and the people in it are your selective variables. You perceive Beauty by what society tells your is beautiful/attractive and what in your mind is perceived to be beautiful/attractive. Your mind then Triggers chemical reactions that combine with other chemicals to tell your brain what it is seeing. Once this happens your brain then has to make the distinction of weather the physical cues meet the criteria of beauty/attractiveness. Someone could also be beautify (by social standard) and not even know it (Hidden beauty). Lets say for example, If someone were to Change the color or style of ones hair then they could be perceived as more beautiful then they originally were without changing their physical appearance. Thus it can also be a factor of the individual and their willingness to conform to what society tells them is beautiful/attractive. So in my view it's a combination of Random and Nonrandom Factors that determine the attractiveness of a person with whom have two average/ugly/mediocre parents.
  13. not sure what time period you are referring to but before the invention of cars and maybe a few decades after that people were generally skinner. Humans are/were hunter gathers so walking and running was an everyday necessity. Even before motor vehicles we had to walk, bike, or ride a horse to get to the food stores or other general good stores. with all of that said we still had to do most of daily chores walking or some sort of required daily exercise. Also were were not as plugged in to our homes as we were even just 2 decades ago. I remember as a kid never spending more then a few hours in the house after school. This may explain the rapid weight gain of humans of the past few decades. TO your original question i would say refer to this.
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