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  1. in combinatorial questions you could give them a network and ask them to maximize the flow and ask for the direction of a certain arc in order to do this. in linear algebra you could ask them to find the directions a set of equations points if you find the vector direction.
  2. An odd point is that they need it i think. lemme ask my prof. hat makes me really curious
  3. at the end when they fall off the bridge i thought the spike should have torn out of his back! we had a big debate about the diseases and other things people would pass onto thier clones, but my position is that they alter the dna while they have a very small amount of it making it easier and thus the clones are born without these simptoms. however my main argument is this: if they have the technology to build and advanced thing like a clone then why do they need to make clones? the amount of money and energy could probobly fix these problems in the first place.
  4. do you mean solving the system using row reduction, or taking your reduced form and solving for the vector(s) that for the basis of that vector space?
  5. Why not just wait for a very efficient fussion generator? you wouldn't have the problem of building a panel to send into space and then when you get the energy you would have to bring it back somehow.
  6. I read the post on Global warming and it asks for an Authoritie's perspective! i need good hard evidence that the Global Warming is an actual crisis from rigourous data analysis by someone who has been studying this for years and is not bullied around by media scrutiny blowing every little detail out of proportion until no-one knows what the heck they are talking about. Because i need to know where i stand, for all i know no-one knows. let me tell you what i have heard. Global warming has been going on for 6000 years. in 100 years the temp is supposed to increase .85 degrees - this being due to the groud heat/population theorem Antarctica and many glaciers are growing! some glaciers are retreating not from warming but a lack of moisture. Global warming is not a proven theory and is often wrong by over 300% some places are actually cooling! the oceans are not rising everywhere you can see that i am a little confused and i need good refrences (ones where the professors still work at the university and are still welcome to the scientific comunity) because i don't know where i stand and i want the truth not the media. regards.
  7. Thanks I think my main problem though was mixing up the sin and cos Laws! thanks a million!!!!
  8. You have a triangle with two fixed sides of 12 and 15 meters. the angle between them is increasing at 2 Degrees per min. how fast is the opposite side increasing in length when the angle is 60 degrees? i figure it's cos law but i don't know how to continue, or if it is even cos law.
  9. in order to run a program your CPU moves files from your hard disk to your RAM right? this take time, if your program is already saved to a removable RAM then you wouldn't have the loading time when you first open the program.
  10. nevermind i got it <stupid satan question!> thanks anyway!
  11. you have a rifle and you have a target, with the bullseye at the same height as the barrel, that is 50 m away, calculate the angle at which you need to fire the gun to get a bullseye.
  12. sry for not specifying, it says just simplify, the first one can have more operations done to it but it cannot cancel anything else so there is no point. thank you
  13. This is my first assignment of my first math class or my first year of univercity and they said i should have learned this in grade 11, (too long ago to recall really) so i want to make sure i got them right (which i doubt!) here's how it is, i will give the question and my answer and if i am wrong please tell me. 1) [math]\frac{5x^4}{\sqrt{x^3-6}}+x\sqrt{x^3-6}[/math] solution: [math]\frac{6x^4-6x}{\sqrt{x^3-6}}[/math] 2) [math]\frac{\frac{x^2-x-6}{4x-12}}{\frac{2x+6}{x^2+5x+6}}[/math] solution: [math]\frac{(x+2)^2}{8}[/math]
  14. yes but doesn't fussion fuel last a very long time? if so then you may not need it to be economically feasible.
  15. can someone please introduce me to Hyperplanes. thank you
  16. the two things that scrape my butt are a sander about yea high and the formula [math]E^2=(mc^2)^2+(pc)^2[/math]. how does that formula work for a particle with no mass? p is momentum right? and isn't the formula for momentum p=mv? so there is still no energy.
  17. what is quantum conscienceness or however you spell it?
  18. could you not use the arc length formula they use in calculus but i'm not sure i understand the question or the data
  19. ln is just log base e right? so you just switch the formula around so that it is [math]e^3=x-2[/math] then solve for x [math]x=e^3+2[/math]
  20. yes but please confirm this with me. You cannot use infinity in a mathematical system unless it is derivatives in calculus?
  21. what causes particles to be put into pairs, like a "pair" of photons (one will pass through a polarized sunglasses and the other will do the exact same thing?
  22. yes they may all be the same shape but does that mean that some cannot have different spin? like maybe thy are associated with different energy patterns?
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