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  1. Hallo guys i want to know some informations about passive filtration of drugs. i didnt find any infos until know. what do you know about that Thanx!
  2. Botaras

    E. Coli

    guys i have one question for you... E coli grows in neutral environment.what do you think that will happen to these bacteria if the ph of the growth medium is not neutral? exlain your answer. pls help me
  3. guys i have a question for you... explain whta characteristics we exploit to distinguish between gram positive and gram negative bacteria. pls help me with the answer
  4. Botaras

    chem lab

    thanx for your answers
  5. Botaras

    chem lab

    which method do you think is more accurate to determining the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar,the ph meter or the phenopthalein? pls help me guys!!
  6. guys i have a question... why did you use acetone and not water for pigment isolation??
  7. gyus i found that the molarity of citric acin in grapefruit is 0.0384 and in lemon juice is 0.0326 how do the average molarities of citric acid in both compare? does this makes sense.?
  8. guys i stuck in one question. the product of alcoholic fermentation ethanol,is lethal to yeast.if the presence of ethanol is harmful to yeast,explain how alcoholic frmentaion can be beneficial to these organisms?
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