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  1. So I'm always hearing that humans are such a young species and that there's probably much more complex life out there in the universe somewhere. I always agreed with that statement and didn't think anything of it until recently.. I thought, there has been life on earth for billions of years now and it's only now that intelligent beings are coming about, meaning that it takes a long time for evolution to figure it out. Give or take a few million years, who knows if any other species could do it much faster? You don't just pop into existence as galaxy roaming super aliens. Chances are that if there is life elsewhere, there are just a bunch of dinosaurs having the time of their lives on some huge super earth with all the leaves imaginable. Or that they didn't even make it that far at all. On the other hand there could be another species somewhere in nearly the exact same place technologically as we are, there's infinite room for possibilities, really. Any way you look at it, it seems that we could be the farthest ahead, or at least close to the front of the pack on those terms, provided there's anybody else out there to compete against at all. Thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear opinions on this from people
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