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  1. I don't think that a blanket answer to this is really possible. It would vary based on the extent of each person's beliefs. As an example, I am very logical and scientific with everything. I can apply logic to any given situation. When it comes to my religious beliefs I consider myself to be Agnostic. I think that there is a higher power so to speak, however, I don't think it's possible to know what it is and feel that it would be arrogant to say otherwise. I haven't seen what there is beyond this world so as far as I truly know it might be nothing at all. Due to this, I don't base my personal dogmatic beliefs on anything other than what I consider to be morally right or wrong. Therefore, in my situation, it's not a burden at all. If I feel that something is morally wrong and I'm not ok with it I won't do it. If it feels like the right thing to do I will go against all logic and proof and do it.
  2. There is the possibility that you could be sensitive to gluten, dairy, or numerous other things. Anything that irritates the body has the potential to cause inflammation which can definitely cause arthritic symptoms. I also agree with previous posts on staying away from this guy. If you're seriously concerned about poisoning you could have lab work done. Of course with the time frame it probably woukdnt be accurate. The above mentioned paranoia is also highly possible as well as understandable in this case.
  3. 1) I have cared for many individuals with Autism. Most of them that had only mild autism would tell you that they have a handicap. It's only offensive to people who don't want to accept the truth. 2) Mad has a variety of meanings. These include anger, crazy, irritation, and eccentric. As far as I am aware it has been commonly accepted that many of the most brilliant people in history have been very eccentric (mad). 3) The appropriate term for an individual who has a diagnosis on the autism spectrum that is astoundingly gifted in one specific area is savant. Now, everyone take a deep breath and take your undergarments out of a bunch. Are you all sure that your overstimulation from the use of two little words isn't a sign that you're autistic?
  4. I would not recommend putting too much stock into what you read on the web. If an individual's body is not going to tolerate and/or process something correctly it simply isn't going to. I have had many tick bites and still eat red meat without a problem. A more likely culprit to these food sensitivities and allergies is the point to which most of what people consume is processed and refined. It's to the point that human bodies don't recognize it and therefore don't process it. It also doesn't help that most things consumed have such a minute amount of nutrients left after processing that the body ends up starved of them even after trying so hard to absorb them from food. I generally don't eat anything but whole foods. If I do I suffer the consequences which range from burps that taste like rotten eggs to severe stomach cramps. My mom and my child both have severe Celiacs Disease and it was present in my child before any of the above vaccinations were given. Another thing that doesn't help is the amount of chemicals and metals that people are constantly exposed to. Did you know that most fabric softener contains formeldahyde? Things like this prevent the body from functioning properly which can lead to symptoms of food allergies. Introducing shell fish and other things that are in vaccines is actually more likely to help the body be able to process it though. It's no different than if you keep your child inside all the time they are probably going to have a not so pleasant response to pollen. However, if they're outside regularly at a young age they are able to build up a tolerance. I worked in healthcare for 6 years and was exposed to many illnesses which allowed my body to produce antibodies and now I very rarely get sick. The bottom line is that everything about this is quite easily debunked.
  5. I have to wonder whether or not it could have a strong connection to what your diet is like. Another possibility could be the way your body processes certain things and/or any blockages. I'm very into holistic medicine and nutrition so from that perspective, it sounds like there is something your body is not breaking down properly. For the most part, I only eat whole foods. I know that on the occasion where I make the (poor) choice of eating processed foods the consequences are similar to what you describe. My mom has had many bouts similar to what was described above. For years she was told it was everything from a bug to diverticulitis. One doctor said it was IBS as it would change from severe diarrhea to constipation almost instantly. Once she finally got sick of answers and treatments that were going nowhere fast she started doing her own research and came across Celiac Disease. Well she cut out gluten along with pretty much all refined foods and within 3 weeks the symptoms were resolved. I now have an almost 2 year old whose gluten intolerance was obvious within a month of being born. She had constant colic, constipation, and what the doctor said was reflux. I was not ok with the idea of giving my infant Prilosec so I explored other options starting with the possibility of lactose intolerance. Since I was breast feeding I removed all dairy from my diet which helped some. Desperate for my little one to feel better I looked at the potential of Celiac being hereditary and then removed all gluten from my diet. I had a different baby within 24 hours. Recently, while going through a bout of eczema, constipation, and vomiting, I discovered nutrition response testing as part of the Ulan Standard Process. On my first testing session I found out that my adrenals and thyroid had blockages. It also showed sensitivity to soy, rye, barley (no more beer for me) and that I had formeldahyde and several heavy metals hanging out in my body. Once I removed the things I knew I was consuming the symptoms resolved within a week. Figuring out where everything else was coming from took a bit more work. I researched and researched and oh yeah researched. Come to find out that formeldahyde is in most fabric softener and the metals were from using drain cleaner and CFL lightbulbs. Now last night I went against my usual eating habits and I have the burps that taste like rotten eggs, stomach pain, bloating, fatigue, and diarrhea. The whole point to this is that nothing should be discounted as a potential cause. Especially since we live in a time that most things we use and consume daily are processed beyond recognition and full of toxic chemicals. Pay attention to your body and what it's telling you. Clearly, something has to be a common factor between all these bouts. It could be your body just getting to the point of not being able to handle anything else being put in that it can't process. Also, as a side note, depending on the medical system that you go to. Celiac disease and some other similar things are not accepted. I live in Minnesota and found out that Mayo Clinic more or less discounts Celiacs as an "illness".
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