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  1. In the beginning, (the chaos time) there were countless objects finding their way to all planets, not just Jupiter. It still happens today. I understand the size of Jupiter and i'ts gravity would have attracted many of them from hitting us, but at any given moment, Earth was bombarded by comets directly, bringing with it....Ice....and the very beginnings of life to a sterile planet. I believe a great amount of earths water came from that ice. Where did this life come from? Well, there are systems much older than ours, and the breakup of those systems could have seeded the younger one's like ours. In time, we will be the seed bearers of others. Where did life first start? We will never know for sure until we can prove if it can be started with a chemical or electrical nature. Just my thinking of course....and what a great place this is.... Bettina
  2. I understand evolution completely and I was just making a point that I think more than one species came in on that comet giving evolution a lot more to work with. I believe we were "seeded" big time. Bettina
  3. I'm a student and have often wondered if life really did start from a basic one cell organism. Since I believe we came from the ice brought in by comets, who is to say how many different organisms were brought here. Could have been thousands of different species with all or part of them surviving. Maybe thats where we got so many different ones. Forgive me if I don't make any sense, I'm still learning, but sometimes I don't believe all I read. Bettina
  4. That about hits the nail on the head. The Stealth plane was flying for 10 years before it was finally unveiled. Bettina
  5. Ok......I guess time will tell if I'm going to like it here or not. Thanks.... Bettina
  6. Have posters been kicked out of the forum for just disagreeing? Geez...I'm afraid to post my thoughts here now. Bettina
  7. Just wanted to say hi. I'm 16 and in school, and want to know as much as I can about cosmology. That's me in the photo.....I'm gonna look around. Bettina
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