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  1. Geez....you could have googled it yourself, but here is one of them out of many. Decide what state you want it from and go there. http://www.ohiolaw.net/faq/Sexual_Predator.htm Want my definition? There are five of us (sometimes just four) who go to the mall two or three times a week. We live pretty close to each other. There are 4 girls including me, and one boy who is not the one I sing with. Were all great friends. Our parents won't let us go unless we are a group, so it works out. We just hang around the center area and talk, or go into each store and look around. Usually we end up at Burger King for ice cream. During our store browsing, we sometimes are aware of strangers that are more than just casual browsers. We will walk down an aisle for example and see some guy who looks at us, smiles, maybe says hello, and continues on. This is normal, and we smile back. We may see him again, he will glance at us, and go back to what he was doing. He's a normal person. So is the guy looking to buy something for his son or daughter and will ask us which one we would pick. Thats happens a lot and we help him or her out. Then there are the ones who don't say anything, but will keep a prolonged eye contact with us. If you were a girl, you would know what I mean. Then that same guy will show up next to us in almost every aisle pretending he's shopping for the same stuff. We can see him staring at us every chance he can get. That freaks us out. The final test is Rob (the boy) who will come between us and stare back at him in a prolonged manner. When that happens, the guy suddenly decides to walk out of the store. When we leave the mall, I'm glad Rob is with us, but still, I look at all the dark places for shadows until one of our parents pick us up. Maybe that guy is just admiring us, maybe he remembers having kids that age, maybe he doesn't have kids but wishes he did....or maybe he's a predator. We don't know. What I just described happens to us maybe once every three months in varying degrees, not a big deal and like I said we stay in a group. But if any of you guys are innocently doing that, I want to let you know that it freaks us big time. Bettina
  2. Just remember' date=' the monster who killed Jessica was already in prison for attacking a little girl once before. There have been several more cases I can recall in which the child killer had a previous conviction that was child sex related. How did the prison system protect the people? Why was he let out in the first place.I think sexual predators of children if it does not involve death, should be put away for life without parole. THATS the only way the system will protect. I agree with you, but doctors who claim the monster is cured and can be brought back into society should be held accountable. If a doctor cut off your wrong leg, would you just pat him on the back and say "hey we all make mistakes"? I bet you wouldn't I understand what your saying about innocent people and I agree with you, but new technology makes that almost nil now. If there is any doubt, then you put them away for life unless some new evidence frees them. But if DNA, a confession, and other evidence is solid, then I want him put to death if it involves a child rape and murder. Now they say that this monster sexually molested her for more than two days before killing her. Put yourself in her shoes. I still do and thats what makes me sick....literally. Bettina
  3. Thanks Coquina, and the others too. My dad never let me work, but promised I could this year. So this summer I will be working for the park department in the swimming section. My application has been approved, and I will be working with the young kids teaching them safety and basic swimming instructions. These are the little ones at the shallow end of the pool. This is something I'm going to like and its every morning during the summer. Being a person with HSP, I still have a knot in my stomach about Jessica that will take me days to get over but I will, like I got over 11 year old Carly Brusha. I sang pretty good in church today without welling up too much. My male friend kept poking me in the ribs when he knew I was going over. He's the 15 year old I kind of like that sings with me at the senior home and church. I'm normally a happy person 90% of the time, but when I read things like this I tend to spiral downward unless I drop it quick. What the average person feels about this crime is amplified tenfold in people like me. It only takes about 15 seconds to go from happy to not and I've fought this all my life without success. I just can't help it. Its not just people either, its animals too. My christmas singing is another. This is a science forum, so I kind of believe that the posters here are people with blue hearts while mine is a very deep red thus the difference of opinions. I think I'm wrong about this but I don't know. I'm lucky to have good friends at school, a good dad, and good friends here too. Thanks for understanding and like I said I'll be good. Bettina
  4. If you have ever looked at my other posts, you can pretty much figure out two things about me. First, I draw a fine line between good and evil, and second, I'm a very emotional girl and an empath of the worst kind. At least thats what the doctors tell me. This is why I cry when I sing or read bad news like 9 year old Jessica. I really got sick over this. I have to go sing in church in a few minutes, and when I do, I will most likely excuse myself because I just can't get her out of my mind. She was only 9 and died for the sexual pleasure of a beast. If he doesn't get the death penalty for this, then there is no justice as far as I am concerned. I really felt what she went thru the last half hour of her life. With that said, I showed my father this thread last night....big mistake... Though he agrees with most of my opinions 100%, and wants to see him put to death like I do, he was big time annoyed at my attitude toward all of you. "I didn't raise you like that....childish" etc etc. He's right. This is not me. Maybe a small part of my deep inner self, but definately not me. I'm sorry to all of you for the insulting way that I posted, and I won't do it anymore. At least, I hope I don't. My dad and I have no secrets, and I show him other posts when I want his opinion, so I'll try to be good. Your all OK with me and no reply is neccessary. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Bettina
  5. I will need a day to think about what you have posted. It is obvious that you know much more about sexual predators, sociopaths, sexual offenders, and families of victims, than I do, even though you didn't post sources, so please give me a day. If you can't understand why I hate this man, then you need some moral training. Bettina
  6. You've solidified the side you sit on Bettina
  7. One more thing. "Registered sex offender" is something that should be abolished. These people should be in jail for life. Especially if the offense involved a minor. These people will not stop trying to do it again, until they reach a point where they have nothing to lose and murder next time. Bettina
  8. On one side of the courtroom there will be Jessica's father, mother, grandparents, and a lawyer of some kind. In the back of them will be neighbors, friends, and people like me who want to see justice served, who want this fiend dead, and I do want him dead. I want the parents to be in the room pulling the switch to revenge their daughters rape and murder. On the other side of the courtroom, will be the hideous monster, his two lawyers, relatives, and a couple of psychiatrists. Maybe even the same lawyers who got him released last time. They will be there to try to prevent the state from killing him. They will try to prove the parents of Jessica as unfit. They will try to prove that Jessica didn't have her bedroom door locked with four padlocks. They will try to prove the police coerced the confession from him. They will try to prove that his rights were violated, etc etc. In the back of those people on that side of the courtroom will be people like you. People who will hold vigils to protect him. People who will be carrying signs saying "Do not kill". People who will write their congressmen aborhing the death sentence. When this is over, I want the lawyers and psychiatrists who went the extra mile to free this beast last time to stand trial themselves as being incompetent to hold a valid license. I want those responsible to pay. I rather be extremely immature and extremely stupid than be like you or any other of you that think like this any day. No offense. Bettina
  9. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7190457/ I,m sorry for bringing up an old post, but I've been following this story for weeks hoping for some good to come of it, but it didn't. You have no idea how much this bothered me. I had tears running down my face and now I can't get her out of my mind. This girl was like me. She had no mother to speak of and lived with her dad. She was more like me in her personality too. I loved her without even knowing her. Why did I post? Because I'm right in classifying people like I did, and I want to slap the faces of all of you who want to protect monsters like this. If I get banned from this board so be it. I won't care. I want this monster dead. I want his father to pull the switch and watch him fry and I want it done tommorrow. I don't want to wait 10 years to see justice done. I hate him. To all of you who wish to protect these monsters, shame on you. Take a long look at her photo. If ever in the course of growing up I should ever remotely think like you then shame on me. Don't bother with condemming me...I won't answer. Bettina
  10. Here I am.....all 45 questions. Edit....Boy that fits me all right.
  11. Bettina

    The Button

    There just pulling your leg.
  12. I hope this is right, if not, please correct my thinking. When we speak of the Universe, we can speak two different ways. 1. The universe is the entire area that happened as the result of the big bang that we are capable of seeing. 2. The universe is the entire area that happened as the result of the big bang and includes what we see and what we are yet incapable of seeing but nevertheless must be there. There is no universe outside of what the big bang created. So if you draw a sphere (or flat piece of paper if your a flatlander) and say that is what the big bang created, then that is our universe. Bettina
  13. Life will be impossible for any species, but time per se will not stop. Although if nobody is left then what exactly is time good for. Eventually even the black holes will evaporate though it will be many trillions of years after the last fire goes out before they do. I don't know how long it will take after that before matter itself breaks down too. Not to worry..... I expect another big bang will happen somewhere at sometime, and start this whole discussion over again Bettina
  14. Because on Earth, everything is moving away from us in all directions. But, if you were on Andromeda you would see everything moving away from you in all directions too. No matter where you are in the universe its the same. Its hard to find the "center" if no matter where you are in the universe, everything is moving away from you in all directions. Andromeda, BTW is actually moving closer to us because of gravitational pull but thats another story. Bettina
  15. That was mentioned in an article I read about the death of the universe. It was trillions and trillions of years after the last light of the universe went out. At that point it said even matter will begin to decay. I'm looking for that article now. Bettina
  16. Nothing to explain really. The "present" thinking is that there is not enough dark energy to stop the expansion. The universe will keep on expanding and will not reverse, crunch, and be reborn. (the oscillating universe). This means the stars will eventually use up there fuel and burn out. The distances between matter will continue to increase. The universe will end up at or near absolute zero and there will be no light. It will be a very cold, dark, and dead place. Even gravity will eventually decay. Personally, I think its all baloney. Even after this dead universe continues on, Somewhere another quark will pop in and another universe will be born. Bettina
  17. KholdStunner I feel bad that you have no replys, so I'm giving you one Go to this link which was about two posts above in case your missing it. Its a great article. Then come back if you have more questions. This is a great place to learn and it's filled with great people. C U L8tr Bettina http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?chanID=sa006&colID=1&articleID=0009F0CA-C523-1213-852383414B7F0147
  18. Bettina

    Best Pet?

    A Dog..... Our Wheaton terrier is our best friend. Sleeps on my bed with me. Just a word of caution. Don't get a pet unless your ready for one. A dog can live 18 years and you have to show it lots of love and attention. They need that. It has to become part of your life not a fill in. Bettina
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