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  1. My guess based on a bracelet [hide]O T T F F S S E E O[/hide] Bee
  2. No it doesn't. Hi iNow I still have problems with this and despite Martin tweaking my brain, I can't get past it. How do scientists know enough to say "There is nothing outside our universe" instead of "We don't know what is outside". What is the key that makes this so absolute in all the discussions I've seen. Bee
  3. Aww... don't build walls that high. Read some Michio Kaku articles. EDIT: (added the following) Yes it does. Without an outside void, hyperspace, arena, or the "nothing that is something", there could not have been an expansion of our universe. A person would not be able to blow up a childs balloon if there were no surrounding space for it. I had to give an answer. Bee
  4. Martin, I'm second year college which is why I don't have any time to talk to you. I can't answer your question because it's not accepted science. I just don't believe in the "nothing". I just don't believe in finality. "There is nothing outside our universe"... "There was nothing before our universe".... "The big bang started it all".... etc, etc. Ever since I was little and first heard of the BB, I always looked through my binoculars in the opposite direction that scientists were looking because I wanted to know what it was like 2 seconds before the BB. So, yes, I believe our universe is expanding inside something greater, along with all the other universes. I could ramble on..... but I'm off to the mall. Bee
  5. Hi Edtharan, thanks for the reply and explanation The 4+D center is what I was trying to get at and I understand the center on the surface does not exist. I always imagined the universe being a sphere and further imagined a child dipping a plastic wand into a bottle of "Super Bubble Solution" and gently blowing a bubble. As she continues to blow into the wand, you would see an inflating sphere that has nothing inside, nothing outside, but yet contains colorful swirls on it's surface all moving away from each other as the bubble expands. Sometimes, if the bubble is large and a breeze exists, the bubble would be grossly mishaped, and although the surface and swirls remain intact, the center would be difficult to determine. I also remember that WMAP produced omega numbers that showed the universe had a curvature. Bee
  6. This has bothered me since day one. I've never been able to resolve "The BB happened everywhere at the same time" scenario, and I guess I never will. I find it interesting that you, YT, buck this trend also. Lately, I've been seeing more articles about the void, another universe next to ours, etc, and still wonder about Carl Sagan's soap bubbles but I still believe that our BB had a point of origin and expanded from that point and if we could turn back the clock, it would end up at that point once again. Bee
  7. That would be me, and yes, I'm a 19 year old female. Although I don't post much anymore I haven't left the forum and I visit almost every day to see what's new. As to your question, I won't speak for other females, but for me it was the open display of arrogance and pompousness by some posters that prompted me to back away and just lurk which I do. A late example would be the attack on a Miss Teenage America contestant by grown up forum members that I thought were going overboard. See it here and you will get the picture. http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showpost.php?p=356650&postcount=38 Anyway, it's an awesome place to learn. Bettina
  8. "Person of the Year" should reflect someone you would look up to and Mr. Putin does not fit that description. I choose Al Gore. Now maybe that annoying "..it appears you have not posted"... will go away. Bettina
  9. First, it would need an explosive which could look like a lump of clay. Then you would need a small timing device, or switch, with wires powered by some type of energy source. Then, to make it perfect, have it carried by someone that does not look like a "typical" bomber. Sometimes, the best way to conceal, is to show. Bee
  10. Not at all..... Just a person wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, carrying a circuit board wired to a battery, and a ball of playdoh in her hand that looked like plastic explosive, walking through an airport. Those people who's job it is to protect me aren't given enough credit and I for one applaud them. Bee
  11. She was STUPID....plain and simple. Anyone walking into an airport with a circuit board, wires, and a battery, all connected to what looked like plastic explosive (PlayDoh) is a complete moron that almost got herself killed. Maybe it was ok in your time, but in my time there are too many nutjobs trying to blow things up so I rather err on the side of caution. I'm also 19, but I'm not clueless. Bettina
  12. Bettina


    I do it all the time. PM me... Bee
  13. I've helped my boyfriend do just that. He uses a small pencil type butane torch and heats the bottom of the board until the parts fall out. I also learned that some connectors (what he really wanted most) have retention type pins and have to be pulled out even when unsoldered. Boring, but I helped him. Bee
  14. Well, lets see... Severian tells me I'm not welcome here and wants me to leave SFN but I intend to return to my lurking mode until he gets me banned. I heard he always had trouble with women. Sisyphus wants me to prove to him that I'm a girl and now my dad is ticked off and wants to know who he is. 1veedo wants to know why I was defending a 17 year old girl being trashed on a "Science" forum. So, IMO, I think the trash is where this thread should go.... where Severian and his arrogant others live. Bettina....
  15. So its ok to belittle someone because you don't know them?... And Blike.... I hope you don't look down at your patients as "little people". Some may not be as smart as you, but there still people. Bee
  16. Still the same arrogant "smake" aren't you Severian. Thanks for proving my point. Bettina
  17. I don't post much in this forum but I still read the posts to learn, and what I learned today, is that she has a lot more character than the pompous people in this thread. Nice going. Bettina
  18. Yes. Like Carl Sagan, I'm a humanist. Bee
  19. Your answers can be found on Google search. I'm not an old schooler but I use DOS commands all the time... and they all work in Windows XP. For example, I play an online game which records events to my computer in the games subdirectory. I don't want to keep them because they record sensitive words so I made a dos command that runs each time my computer boots up which erases them all, then reloads the directory again with just mine. I have yet to have a problem... Bettina
  20. So, when genocide is being committed, we should just turn our gaze away? Bettina
  21. Here is a place lots of people check out. http://www.steves-digicams.com/hardware_reviews.html Bee
  22. Martin... I'm playing with those numbers now. You still amaze me. Bettina
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