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  1. I was thinking of filling the holes with a clear epoxy. Although I don't know what kind or where to buy it from. It would need to be injected with a syringe, I think, and most epoxy would just clog that before I was able to fill the hole. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged You've got me curious, how would an alternating current and capacitor be set up? I'm an LED newbie.
  2. It's called Swarovski or something. Your local bead store should have them. Ask for the 10mm cube (the ones on the show looked like the plain crystal color, but the crystal AB is prettier, adds a bit of rainbow). But be warned, it's very difficult to solder that small. Which brings us back to my original question, because I feel like my necklace is so very fragile that I'm always worrying about breaking it when I wear it. Is a sliced wire and a tiny blip of solder the only way to do this???
  3. So I made an LED necklace using an 0603 LED that I soldered to two pieces of guitar string (was cheaper and less likely to kink than wire from hardware store). I stuck a little superglue on this and slid it into the hole of a transparent bead, then I soldered the other ends of the wires to two magnets and used them as a clasp, sticking a watch battery between them. It works great, but the entire weight of the necklace is on that itty bitty solder. I want to do one with more beads, but the solder won't hold. So is there a way to attach the LED without cutting the wire? I saw something like this on an episode of Kyle XY, so I'm attaching a screencap since a picture is worth 1,000 words.
  4. Basically, I'm wanting to make my own one of these: http://www.firejewelusa.com/cube.htm But I've no idea where to order the parts. I figure I need a small LED without a lens (since I'll be gluing it inside a bead), wire that can be used as the chain that doesn't kink, and something I can attach to the clasp to hold the battery which should be replaceable (not sure how to go about this part, suggestions welcome).
  5. Basically, it's a little LED light stuck inside a bead, and the "chain" of necklace is the wire connecting it to a battery in the clasp. http://www.firejewelusa.com/cube.htm What I'm wondering is if anybody here has tried making their own, and where's the best place to buy the parts?
  6. I would so be game for that.
  7. I think I'm going to try isopropyl alcohol and water. Sound likely to work? Opinions? My sister said to try vodka. Anybody happen to have some ferrofluid lying around who could test it? I still haven't ordered mine. Hermanntrude, which specific kind did you get from Amazon? Thanks.
  8. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. What would you suggest? And can anybody recommend somewhere to buy ferrofluid that's nice and spiky? If I try making it myself, I'll get a glob monster from the black lagoon instead of a hedgehog.
  9. So this site http://www.teachersource.com/ElectricityAndMagnetism/Ferrofluid/FerrofluidPreformDisplayCell.aspx has ferrofluid in a display tube that doesn't get all stained. How in the world did they do that?? I want to do something like this, but shrunk down into pendant size for a necklace. I thought glass would be less likely to stain than plastic, but nothing works to coat it. Has anybody tried filling a container (lava-lamp style)? Is this just mission impossible? Help! Thanks.
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