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  1. i know most of you have seen these but has anyone ever bought and used one??? the price on this one isnt too bad being that its 30 leds $40
  2. yes, exactly my point! The first light bulbs that were avalible for the consumer were incandescent. years later it was fluorescent which is stil being refined today and since then we now have LEDs or my fav HIDs. ive been watching the price of leds and hids over the past couple of years and and its amasing how much the price has gone down and the quality has gone up. LEDs are a given, we all know about that but HIDs? 2 years ago they only came in BMWs and other high end cars. if you wanted to get a conversion kit for your car it was about $800 per light and thats for the low or high beam only. thats a total of $3200 for headlights! Last night i was looking for a conversion kit for my CBR1000RR and you wouldnt believe how much the price has gone down. i found an "H4" hid conversion kit which will fit 90% of all cars/trucks and bikes. that was 2 bulbes hi/low beams for $450 not to mention they use 1/2 the power as they did 2 years ago. @ 1/2 the power of the standard Halogen incandescent bulbes they put out aprox 250% more light! anyway getting off subject. New technology is often super inefficient but through time it gets revised to be beter.
  3. efficiency: Look at man's machines today compared to 50 years ago. As the years go by, we develop new ways that produce less heat, less friction and so on. look at the internal combustion engine. It has to be the most inefficient machine we use today. 42% of the energy the comes from burning the fuel is lossed through the exhaust system, 28% through the cooling system and 15% to friction. Thats a total of 85% loss!!! tesla's idea may seem way to impractical and would be way too inefficient but as time goes by, more testing and inovation could and prob will lead to a much much high efficiency. i know that a machine that would send this laser thingy does not run on gasoline (at least i think lol) and would prob not have too many moving parts to cause friction but the heat i believe would be there...
  4. if you really want to go cheep insted of ply wood go with partical board. its not as strong but is about 1/2 the cost. one other option is wafer board. its just about as strong as ply wood but about 3/4 the cost. good luck let us know what you go with...
  5. perhaps you are right "slickinfinit" changing electricity into another form of energy sounds like the way to go. with most things (im not sure if all) when you change energy from one form to another you get unwanted reaction, thus wasted energy. this wast comes through heat, friction and the like. In Tesla's journals it talks of cranking the voltage up to 50 megavolts and sending it in a very very tiny beam. maby another option would be using ions. im not too sure how it would work or if it would work. so far sending electricity in its raw for is almost out of the question due to resistance through air. other ideas include microwaves, ions, what about light? if you have any ideas please add in more or take off something from the list if you know some reason it wouldnt work...
  6. space is like time. time cant be real, it a man made thing or sorts. what was before the beginning of time??? if there was nothing before it then how did we all get here? with space, whats on the other side? and whats beyond that? so there cant be an end which doesnt make any sence. have you ever herd about how light beds? perhaps space does as well. im no physisist but im trying. remember those OLD video games where when you run off the screen to the left you appear back on the right side of the screen? maby this is where worm hole come in... im going to stop here before i start to sound crazy. tell me what you think...
  7. ok i found a little on it, but it seams far from compleet. Tesla died many years ago and we have had many advancements since then. to your knowledge has anyone picked up his work were he left off?
  8. i dont know too much but i do know a LITTLE about XTC as far as damage and side affects. wev all herd of the swiss cheese brain after prolonged use. We have also all herd of a high fever 106+ F killing brain cells. ofen people will take it and dance in and atmosphere that is hot leading to high body temps killing brain cells. the other side affect is depleting an amino acid (i dont know which one). having it too low caused the "down" people refer to making you feel like !@#$!!! the next morning. this can be countered by drinking a glass of milk. the deaths we all hear about comes to people who allready have heart probs. I dont know how true all of this info is because it was told to me by an E adict. i can say that i saw on the show "60 min" about 3 months ago were they said the FDA was leagalizing it again because its not as dangerous as its said to be. who knows, yes i know there are miss spelled words in here but i got to go buy eggs before the store closed so yeah...
  9. i had this idea about 2 years ago and think about it now and then. As of now its just a dream. My thought is transporting electricity through the air for ex: like radio waves as opposed to a conductor like a power line. If this were possible the possibilities would be endless. Anyone have any idea(s) on how this would work?
  10. CHEAP??? i had a friend who useto do simmilar things, very int guy. built his first teslacoil when he was 11. his parents had about 20 acres out in the middle of nowere which was were his bunker was. lol he dug a hole about 3 feet down sarounded by cement walls. there was a 2X6" hole (aprox) covered with 1" thick plexiglass. it stood up to a piece of PVC 1' X 2" filled with Flash power. @ 10 ft. lol. for cheep you could always dig a hole and lay in it lol. its cheep and effective!!! good luck
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