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  1. I'm taking an online course so there is no teacher to check my work. Thanks in advance! ps. don't worry about #4.
  2. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data find dy/dx for the function xy^2+xlnx=4y for x>o 2. Relevant equations xy^2+xlnx=4y 3. The attempt at a solution I found the dy/dx to be "(y^2+lnx+1)/(4-x)=dx/dy" What is it asking me to do with the x>0? Do they want me to plug in a value greater than 0 for x and solve for y? or what?
  3. Are my calculations to graph this function [f(x)=(-5x^2+3x)/(2x^2-5)]correct? Can you please check them over and see if I have done this wrong?
  4. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Find the critical point of f(x)=(-5x^2+3x)/(2x^2-5), and show whether this point is a max/min. Relevant equations f(x)=(-5x^2+3x)/(2x^2-5) The attempt at a solution When I tried solving for the derivative of; f(x)=(-5x^2+3x)/(2x^2-5), I got (-6x^2+50x-15)/2x^2-5)^2. then I set it equal to 0 and I got 0=-6x^2+50x-15 Now from here do I use the quadratic formula to solve for x? I tried that and I am getting x=(25+sqrt535)/6 and x=(25-sqrt535)/6. Have I done it right so far? When I try to plug in the x-values into the original eq to get y my calc says error... What do I do now?
  5. I'm taking an online course so I have no one to give me feedback before I submit my assignments. Can you please tell me what I got wrong and what's wrong about it?
  6. I have a huge assignment to complete and I don't understand these questions can someone Please help me out!
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