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  1. hi to everybody. i'm new on this forum. sorry for my bad english, but i've a question about my microscope: olympus hsc. i've bought it because i'm an aquarium lover. i've 3 low cost aquariums in my home (assembled with garden gravel and many plants). some times ago i saw many little ''insects'' on glasses with 0,5-1mm lenght. i was so curious about them to search on internet to discover what kind of creatures they are. since that moment i promised myself to buy a microscope to see the invisible world inside my aquariums. i've found this olympus hsc model in very good conditions...but there are some problems: first of all, there isn't a mirror or a light font. i searched on ebay spare parts and i foud mirrors but i dont know if they are compatible with this microscope. and then...i didn't imagine it was so complicate to use: what is the ''condenser'' and how to use it i really dont understand. somebody knows if this microscope is compatible with other models? thanks for help.
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