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  1. Do Scientist that do carbon dating take into account possible irregular unrecorder radiation levels that could lead to an innacurate result of the dating test? If they do, how?
  2. shortylbc

    Our Origins

    God had to make an ancient looking universe because an infant universe cant support life.
  3. shortylbc

    Our Origins

    I am relegious, very relegious in fact, and i am constantly finding APPARENT contradictions between science and my relegion(Judaism). BUT...! With proper thought and investingation(i hope it was proper) i concluded that just as G-d created Adam at a stage where he biologically looked as if he was a middle-aged grown man, but was in fact minutes old. He did this simply because He had to enable Adam to be able to survive on his own. So to G-d created the Universe as an ancient something billion year old universe in order that it would have worlds that can support humans, ie our earth. Part of this aged look is the evolution evidence that G-d provided. I hope this makes more sense to other people than it does to my friends...lol.
  4. I am in a Ultra Relegious jewish school in Brooklyn NY...and they dont even offer any math....as a matter of fact they dont offer any non-relegious subjects....i come on this board to help me stay with it in the science world....you all shouldnt take it for granted that you have math and science. id also like to know if anyone knows of any good cyber education websites i could use.
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