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what is DPD4 formula

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  1. why do we use conversion factor while calculating TDS from µS to ppm? if i use KCl conversion factor (multiple 0.55xEC), what is KCL role in my measuring water? why we do it? Profuse thanks in advance!
  2. Who can help me how i can measure acidity in soft drinks, juice via equipment? I do it by using alkali. But i need to know is there any equipment for it?
  3. Hi everybody! I need your help. Hw can i reduce bromate problem in the drinking water? As you know when we ozonate still water and if our raw water has bromine finally we will face bromate problem. I searched on the internet and found some methods about it. but most of them are not free. Speacially i`m interested in ferric sulfate method. Who knows about it? And you can also tell me other method. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks, but i wanted to ask that, why by using DPD1 we can only measure total chlorine but by using DPD4 we can measure free chlorine. If their chemical formulas are same why cant we use just one of them for both analysis? I hope i could my thoughts:( thanks in advance!
  5. Yes, but i want to know their chemical formula. and also i would like to know which kind of reaction happen while adding tablets. I mean what chemicals are obtained the results of reactions. why water color is changed for instance if we have chlorine in our water. I hope i could explain what i want to know Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everybody! Who can tell me DPD1, DPD2, DPD3, DPD4 formula? i searched on the internet but i couldnt get any information about it. Please help me! Thanks in advance!
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