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  1. Well I am leaving this forum to create my own based on majority , so see ya all later. And thats becuase people here have powers to close others threads. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=7601
  2. I am not saying anything here. All I am saying is that Ur trying to distort facts here. Maybe as an owner of SFN someone has paid U 2 do so. Any ways the fact that will go down the history is that U delibrately ignored my post and concentrated on the observations that are as usual wrongly interpreted by humans.
  3. RawThinkTank

    Why C?

    If that is so then why is light not affected by magnets or electrical fields ?
  4. Why cant we use a virus to modify our DNA so that when new cells are generated they will have the genes that are immune to AIDS. Some people are naturally immune to ADIS, So can we use their genes for replacing the non immune ones. Hey, which virus is best for such a treatment ?
  5. Resistance is futile, my persistent determination and life long devotion is gona transform Ur civilization. But thats justa phrase, my actual driving force is human incomprehendability. Huss, U sound like a frustrated politician whose career is coming to an permanent end. If U did prove something indeed then why am I writing this ? Well that’s because When I counter proved U, Ur brain never got out of wonderland. U r like a prisoner who grew Up in jail and is afraid to be free. Why ? Stop playing politics here in SFN. Stop imposing your nature as of humans. It seems U have no idea about Rationalists like me and their nature. Its very difficult for majority to exploit majority any ways. I wana U to get a JAW droping AWE experience when the world around is transformed. Then thugs like U who suck our blood ... U can run but there wont be a place left to hide. My strategy is to become ( seceretly ) the worlds first trillionaire then I will crush people like U with Majority+Money. I wana U 2 believe this so that U dont become a hurdle in my way. Right now the world is between haves and have nots. The haves have the knowledge that Majocracy is most important turn in human evolution and have nots like U are gona suffer due to their determination to do moral obligatory duty of being with right once they know whats wrong.
  6. http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/News/1999/News-MagLev.asp http://www.physics.gatech.edu/academics/tutorial/phys2122/Chapter%2032/HFML/HFML.htm Dont say I think, be sure about it. http://www.hfml.ru.nl/levitation-movies.html <iframe src="http://www.hfml.ru.nl/levitation-movies.html"> </iframe>
  7. if what is the question then I must answer it with "Please be more elaborative about it"
  8. At least someone without ego problem used the word "WHAT?"
  9. Did any one of U searched GravityScope on the net yet ?
  10. Formation of an balck hole is any ways impossible. Before formation of blackhole the density of matter near the surface of the star will blow up any star into supernova as the G is maximum at surface of any object.
  11. Yes, I am trying to take over the world from the Politicians and give it to the people.
  12. Wrong' date=' I never said anything like that OK. All U have 2 Du is open newpaper read the new and give your vote. Voting is optional. People are the government, there are no oposotion parties in competition here. The referendums U r mentioning will be on a voting website with a phone also interface. U r in darkages , there is no need of "A Gorenment Here". Every Individual has equal right to get vote on their views OK. Access to View submition is fundamental human right in Majocarcy, Freedom of Expression. Wrong' date=' Its the fairness of Ur ideas that is important not Ur bank balance. U seem to be an american crushed by politics, when world is switching to electronic ballot counting , Ur politiion are still manipulating ballots.
  13. You seem to have not heard about something called as Particle Accelerator. Also, are U aware that there is something called MLV, ok I give up, waste of my time.
  14. How come when a baby grows and its cells divide billions of times until its becomes a complete grownup yet its cell donoy mutate or form into cancerous tissues ? I think elephants and whales must be having greatest number of cell divisions , so do they get cancers ? And did the largest dinosaurs had cancers ?
  15. In the future, lets create an Magnetic Accelerator in the earths orbit spanning the entire orbit so huge that will accelerate a small magnetic material space ship to near speed of light then release it in the desired stars direction. Advantages : 1) We get instantaneous speed of light just as we would leave earth. 2) We don’t require to carry bulky fuel to achieve speed of light. 3) A similar magnetic decelerator can be used to decelerate without need of fuel to do so at the destinations. 4) Because time slows down at near light speeds we don’t need to carry much of human needed cargo for the travelers as they may reach the destinations in a day or minutes ?
  16. Give me a better reason for not going ahead with it. If U dont now , in five years your civilization would get transformed into something dangerous called Majo-crazy.
  17. So why cant we feel the drag of space like that of wind when we move through space ? Even though it can displace the entire universe, Vow so much energy ? Its quite possible that universe musta further expanded since we see the light of the thirteen billion year old object and to reach there it musta taken trillions of years. PS. why wont atoms expand along with the this so called space ?
  18. All that needs to be determined is what makes the stem cells to change their behaviour according to their surrounding cells , find that and no need of embryos.
  19. If that 13 billion figure is a result of observation by NASA then please comment on the fact that it musta taken trillions of years for those object at 13 billion light years to go there from center of the universe. Now imagine how far the first light musta reached
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