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    PEOPLE, Don't answer questions when you know it's just off someones homework and their too lazy to read the book.
  2. seriously, people, don't answer questions when it's for homework/school assignments!! Ready your book kid!
  3. well first off, what was the problem? Did you run it through a gel to see if you were able to amplify any DNA??
  4. Good questions.... Here is another picture. I was looking at the projector from the side, in a dark room. I was in the room for about 30 minutes, and the same phenomenon was experienced every time I tried it. No, let me try to explain a little more. I don't think it has anything to do with the eye lashes. Why? Well because it didn't ONLY happen when I would blink. If I was looking at something else, then really quick glanced at the beam of light, and then glance away, the spectrum would appear. If my eyes stayed fixed on the beam of light after first glancing at it, the spectrum d
  5. If you are truly interested in exploring this question you posted, then I highly suggest you consider studying the late Terence McKenna. The best way to become familiar with his ideas and theories, is download ALL of his audio lectures, which can be found online. It' sometimes hard to get, because people constantly try and make a buck off his amazing thoughts. But you can definitely find sites where you can download all if his work. If you are interested, also contact me because I have all his audio lectures and willing to share. But anyway,man is becoming....That is all we know for sure.
  6. .....ummmm planetary orbits?????????
  7. I see your reasoning, but let me make another point clear. I was looking right at the projector, and the rainbow image I saw expanded out only about 9-12 inches form the lens of the projector. Thus it seems that this phenomena is more along the lines of what 'insane alien' mentioned. But I still don't think this explains it all. So, the projector projects different colors simply because that's how all of our digital images work, they simply have 'pixels' of color, specifically green red and blue. However, I still don't see hot it can be explained just by saying the strobe effect. For one,
  8. So, yesterday I was listening to a presentation given by a graduate student in a lab I work at. She was giving the presentation using power point and a projector. The lights were off, and I noticed something I have never noticed. When I would quickly glance at the beam of light being emitted from the projector, and glance away just as quickly, I would see the individual colors of light, almost in a rainbow pattern. The key is, this would only happen when I would look at the light for just a split second. It would also work if I looked at the beam of light and closed my eyes, and then open
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