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  1. Philosophy is NOT crap. As said before,we owe a lot to philosophy. And sometimes it can hold answers that science alone doesn't have. (Btw. I've read in some theosophy book it is bad that science,philosophy and religion are put on seperate foundations,and they should be considered one and the same. Why do you think of this?) Who knows? Technology is advancing...
  2. I once had a period in my life when I was in depression. In a very heavy depression. I started to think about suicide. Those thoughts haunted me for months. For months I didn't think anything else except "Will I wake up after this sleep?". I have thought that this will never leave me, and that it will keep haunting me for the rest of my life. I was so wrong. After those few months I was back to my old self without even noticing. One day it just hit me: I no longer have it. And now I'm happy and it's actually funny when I look back and think of it. (So glad I didn't kill myself ) So don't worry. Everything in life passes. The good stuff as well as the bad stuff.
  3. To the topic: Some questions don't have an aswer (such as The Origin of the Cosmos). I belive that the universe is truly infinite and doesn't have "a begining" (or and end for that matter) (No God involved. No Big Bang involved. No Architect involved)
  4. Generally Life doesn't seek to exterminate itself. It seeks to expand itself,from bacteria to protista to plants and animals. And let's remember that there are more "good" bacteria which help us than there are "evil" ones which causes illness in humans. I imagine that bacteria have no secret plans to conquer the planet (or do they? *dramatic music plays*) .....Damn it,this question is difficult
  5. 1. Do you mean like "Are there infinite amounts of matter in the Cosmos?" 2. Not posible (although you could anihilate all the matter in the cosmos and convert it to energy.) 3. Depends on what you mean. 4. No. Light is a form energy (part of the EM spectrum) 5. Need for time? Impossible to answer. Space,time,matter and energy don't exist because they are needed,it's simply the way it is. The universe wasn't created so we could understand it. It is just the way it is and we can only do our best in trying to figure it out. In the end,nothing is infinite except the universe itself(and even it is changing)
  6. My guess is that they will find something but that something would be a few species of simple worms or fishes.
  7. Physics describe every day phenomena like movement,temperature,electiricty,magnets,mass,gravity,light etc... Astronomy examines celestial bodies (stars,planets,satellites,asteroids,comets,nebulas) like their size,orbit,trajectory,velocity etc... Cosmology deals with the origin and structure of the cosmos.
  8. I'm an theist in the sense of the classical description of God. But I bear an open mind... I have 3 theories: 1: God doesn't exist and the reason God appears in almost all cultures of the world is because of some common,almost evolution-envoked need to describe the various phenomena around them to satisfy their instinctual curiosity. In the lack of scientific knowlegde it is far easier to just say that there is a higher being making things happen. 2. There is a God and he is a lot like today's most popular religions describe him. Rather a being with common characteristics among those religions. 3. If there is a God than this is most likely it: God does exist but in a somewhat different shape. He isn't an invisible grey bearded man sitting in the sky watching everything you do every minute of your entire life but a non/semi sentient natural force. Like an undetectable web penetrating all space with which the human mind can weakly interact (a form of mental energy?). This one is a little difficult to understand at first.
  9. Well I personally don't belive in the Big Bang theory but if it is true then I imagine that the universe does in fact have a spherical shape. If particles bursted out in all directions then the sphere would be the most logical shape to have arisen. And I agree that watching distant supernovae isn't a very good way of measring distances but it is the best we got :/ As far as I interpreted the BB theory: Before it there was no space or time;or matter and energy for that matter. After the zero dimension,infinite density particle exploded into the universe it instantly created the spacetime fabric. So space is already endless and it is actually matter that is moving away from each other (on a cosmological scale(galaxies)) because of "dark energy" (another theory I don't belive(Dark Fluid seems more reasonable))
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