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  1. Since White is a colection of all color like in white light! Black would probably be the best surface to use.. I would think! but then again my blue genes work good too hehe!
  2. mayby if you have enough current in your source! You could try a Current Deviding configuration. that way you will have maxmimum volatage delivered to both but current will devide. With in each parallel leg of you Current Devider you may need to step down voltage a bit. I recomend trying to identify the load resistance of both object you are trying to connect. Load resistance also playes a big factor in you voltage devision. Total resistance = input resistance + load 1 + load 1 ... knowing this values will help you better design your voltage devider.
  3. level six ASCII code.. not sure what he's looking for been loking at this for days.. any hints
  4. bloodhound if some one is having a problem with general math what make you think they will understand algebra???? let's take it down a notch! like mart said... here is a good visual of what he said 21+22+23+...+30 = (20+1)+ (20+2)+ (20+3)+ (20+4)+ (20+5)+ (20+6)+ (20+7)+ (20+8)+ (20+9)+ (20+10) 20x10 + (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10) 200 + (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10) on thing to remember is that (1+2+3+4+5) = 15 6+7+8+9 = 30 so (1+2+3+...+10) = 55 200+(55)=255
  5. Let me try to help! Forgive me in advance if I only confuse you more but I will try to explain as best as I can. The reason you may be having a problem with it it’s because of the Negative sign. Right! What it the direct relation with negative number as exponential. Well it’s just convention and uniformity nothing more. Just the same way we 1e3 = 1000 or , or E = Voltage in some book and V = Voltage in other. Some one along time ago decided that x^-1 would = 1/x but the negative (-) only point out that it is the inverse of the power we are representing since x^1 = x, then 1/x
  6. Here is a good example of instant. if we shoot 6 million frames of film for a 1 second interval of a bullet frying accross the camara lense. each frame would represent 1second/6000000 = 0.16667e-6 seconds or 0.16667 micro that is pretty fast ... if we only play back thos frames at a rate of 10 frames per second for only 1 second we have focused our observation at only 1.67 micro second in time the bullet would appear to have slight motion slow but very slight. assuming we could play that on a big screen. now we take another 6 million of that big screen that is playing at
  7. http://www.csgnetwork.com/harmonicscalc.html you can see that double frequncy does not result in next harmonic ... but it will result in "A" complemeting harmonic
  8. The best way to explain harmonics is to first introduce wave theory in as little space as possible. you can try this at home.. If you have a clouth line or tie two string with moderate tension to from one post to another. |----------------------------------------| 0----------------------------------------L the lenght of this string is now length L from end to end. If you were to pop the string at end '0' you would see a wave move along the sting and then get reflected back This is called wave propagation. Now if you were to vibrate on end of the string with a frequency
  9. yes there is accelleration ..... Acceleration is continuous and constant. just because a function has a maximum or minimum does not mean it stops there. the object reaches 0 m/s for only and infinitly small amount of time... it does not hang there like jordan!
  10. at 45 degree, the horizontal acceleration = vertical accelleration which is 1/2 of the gravitational accelerations. but increasing the angle past 45 degree will generate a large initial impact with table. Eventually if the angle of the ramp is 90 degree the horizontal acceleration wx Is decreased to 0 ... since it's horizontal acceleration Wx that will puss it across the surface of the table. at 90 degree the ball would act as a free falling object and bound inplace ... total horizontal displacement of 0... again due to 0 horizontal accelerations. Wx = sin(angle) Wy = Wcos(angle)
  11. what is the difference between Genetically enhance chicken "perdu" and Clone Chickens as far as feeding the masses i could see cloning as an option, but it would have to stop there. Organs maybe, but humans definitly not!
  12. It's like pirating! "Napster Mentality" you would have to pay that person royalties. suppose your new clone goes on to be a super start and make Oprah type money!!! The original person would have the right to sue. on the basis of personal potential earnings. if it was me ... hell yeah i would sue the pants off him "that's what I could have become" besided he was created from a part of me. which is ethically my property. "I am gona go copy right my ars.. incase some one desides to clone me" but in all seriousness, we are not cattle or organ farms.. once life is created our un
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