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  1. That is interesting. That sort of outcome would imply some sort of learning process had occured during the GA which conflicts with the contention that all cognitive processes are suspended.
  2. Thanks Glider, I appreciate your response. That's pretty much what I thought.
  3. I posted this at PF but I haven't much of a response so I thought I'd post it here as well. Could someone explain to me the pharmacological and biological mechanisms involved in general anesthesia? It would appear that under general anesthesia consciousness is completely "turned off". To what extent is brain function reduced? Does general anesthetic target particular areas of the brain? Thanks in advance. BTW and on a philosophical note, is being under a general anesthetic indistinguishable from and, in a temporal and cognitive sense, equivalent to death?
  4. I don't believe that this particular theory is based on alternate probabilities. This theory seems to be based on infinite space and infinite configurations of matter. So if an alternate self decided to create a message for me on an indestructible, eternal medium and I devised a way to travel at the speed of light, theoretically it's possible for me to read that message should I be able to find it. Come to think of it, it would be theoretically possible to meet my another self. Another way of looking at it is that the self is eternal. This is quite a different theory of a Parallel Universes to the MWI theory proposed by Hugh Everett.
  5. Definately read "The Selfish Gene". Here are some others I really enjoyed: Prisoner's Dilemma - Michael Poundstone Nonzero - Robert Wright Genome - Matt Ridley Three Roads to Quantum Gravity - Lee Smolin Atom - Laurence Krauss The Emotional Brain - Joseph Ledoux Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Daniel Dennett
  6. Interesting, I haven't had any exposure to quantum biology, I never considered QM to have much overlap with the biological sciences. I do have a copy of "Quantum Evolution" by Johnjoe McFadden, it looked suspect but what the hell.....have you read it?
  7. Any particular subjects, my little library is composed entirely of popular science books.
  8. Personally I wouldn't do a presentation on detailed wave mechanics given the level your classmates are at. I'd tend to go for a more broad explanation of uncertainty and wave/particle duality, what it means and why QM was such a watershed event for physics (don't worry about showing how to derive wave functions unless someone asks). What you want to do it engage the audience not confuse them. You want them to able to ask questions and if you do at a low level they will be able to do that. Then you can impress them with your depth of understanding. Remember you want you classmates to ask questions.....that's really important.
  9. Yep....plenty of time. BTW you're a friend of Lynn Margulis??? :cool2: I have one of her books on my shelf, one of about 30 that I've yet to read.
  10. Thanks for the comprehensive response Bill. Just a couple of points of clarification: 1. Do all neurotransmitters that effect AP firing in a post-synaptic neuron originate from the pre-synaptic local axon? 2. Has it been established as scientific fact that individual axons release only two neurotransmitters; a classical neutrotransmitter and a neuropeptide? If so, how do they compliment each other? 3. How do nitrous oxide and other neuromodulators fit into the picture? I'd appreciate your insights. Thanks.
  11. I doubt that's true but how do explain the targets that can't fire back eg. surface-to-surface sites? http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=564&ncid=564&e=9&u=/nm/20030302/ts_nm/iraq_usa_zones_dc_2
  12. I fail to see how attacking anti-aircraft sites is protecting kurds....I don't think kurds can fly.
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