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  1. thanks, ill look into this stuff some more, and I have to say, I did not know that thing about the smoke detectors thanks for that .
  2. To Deconstruct Atoms: An atom, a collection of positive, nuetral, and negatively charged subatomic particles, each of which, in certain arrangements, give certain properties of structure to certain elements. These are the building blocks of the universe. To break, or split one, causes a massive release of potential energy in a massive exothermic reaction as the energy contained in the atom is released. To deconstruct one is a dangerous task. The hypothesis i propose is simple, yet keep in mind, I'm only in honors chem 1, so much of what I say could be completely wrong. An atoms acts, according to the hypothesis, like the majority of its subatomic particles would. Hence the two types of atoms, positively charged and negatively charged. To deconstruct these one must use instruments of oppositely charged atomic materials, so the atom being deconstructed is not repelled. this rule is an absolute, but, you can only use it, until you have removed enough of the atom for its charge to change. This is where things begin to get tricky. I propose that to remove an atoms electrons, a false atomic nuclei must be created, and its charge must at least match that of the atomic nucleus being disassembled. To seperate the electrons, move the false nuclei into the electron fields of the atoms being deconstructed, to seperate. Now, as I do not even begin to understand how the proton and nuetron are attracted and held together, this part of the hypothesis is pure speculation. To separate these particles, I believe one must make an atomic siv, constructed of the largest nucleic particle of atoms, be it nuetron or proton, in hexagonal forms. This theoretically to me, could possibly separate the particles from each other, if nuetrons dont simply bond to the protons, or vice versa. but, i really dont even know at that point, its all based on their attraction. if its the size causing the attraction, it could be a form of gravity, or it could even be a third particle at the center of the nuclei, made of pure energy, or waves, and its energy is what is released when an atom is split. but, i just dont know. please dont be to harsh on this, it really is pure speculation.
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